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This topic lists other resources you can use to help learn about Surfaces.


Surfaces: Sneak Peek (3:05) - A real quick look at how TPC does surfaces. They are wickedly simple.

Learning Guide

Surfaces Learning Guide

TPC allows you to easily designate the points that should be used for creating your Surfaces (Contours/DTM/TIN) and editing tools that make it easy to fine-tune the surfaces. The Surfaces Learning Guide is divided into sections like Simple Surfaces, Computing Volumes and Editing Breaklines and Borders.


Introduction: Simple Surfaces (10:21) - Walk through the Learn sample file and create a single surface.

Creating a Surface from a Traverse (3:02) - See how easy it is to create a surface from a traverse of topo points.

Editing a Surface Border (6:39) - Learn how to add and remove border points to better define the surface boundary.

Editing Surface Breaklines (5:02) - Edit breaklines manually or import them from traverses.

Restricting Contour Elevations (1:30) - You can restrict the contours that are drawn to a single elevation or an elevation range.

Surface Exclusions: Sneak Peek (1:27) - See how easy it is to exclude an area from a surface.

Surface Exclusions (7:27) - See how surface exclusions work in TPC and how to export them to CAD.

Computing the Volume Between Two Surfaces (5:54) - We compute the amount of sand between original ground and a designed subgrade.

Slope Analysis (4:19) - Slope Analysis 1) computes the slopes 2) reports slope areas 3) shades slope areas in the drawing and 4) adds a slope key to the legend

Move Elevations To Surface (3:15) - Learn how to update elevations of survey points, moving them to an existing surface.

Export Surface To CAD: 1 (2:32) - When we export a surface to CAD, TPC sends a polyfacemesh (DWG) or polygonmesh (DGN) to you can work with the surface directly in CAD.

Export Surface To CAD: 2 (2:39) - We've made two changes to surfaces that are exported to CAD. 1) The polyfacemesh layer is turned off by default, but you can turn it back on. 2) TPC now writes contours as polylines even when contour labels are turned on.

Import Invisible Faces From LandXML (4:08) - See how TPC handles invisible faces imported from a LandXML or Civil3D surface.

Recorded Demos

Surfaces (55:00) - In TPC Desktop, surfaces are wickedly simple.  We show you how to create a surface, then improve the surface model with breaklines and a border.

Sample Files

Learn - create a simple surface of a rock stockpile.

Learn Advanced - learn to user breaklines and a border.


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