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Surface Slope Analysis





The slope analysis tools report the areas of a surface that are within a give slope range.

A typical output might be

Slope Range


0 - 20


21 - 40





Slope Analysis (4:19) - Slope Analysis 1) computes the slopes 2) reports slope areas 3) shades slope areas in the drawing and 4) adds a slope key to the legend

Slopes Based on TIN Faces

In a TPC surface, the slope of the surface, at any given point on the surface, is the slope of the TIN triangle or face, at that point.

TPC uses dot product vectors to determine the perpendicular direction to a triangle then use the normal of that to determine the slope.

Slope Ranges

The analysis computes and reports ranges of slope.  So the slope range 0% - 20% would be the sum of all the TIN faces with a slope between 0% and 20% inclusive.

The slope ranges are user defined and set in the Slope Analysis dialog.

Computing Slopes

You compute slope analysis in the Slope Analysis dialog. This tab reports the slope areas based on the current slope ranges and allows you to edit the slope ranges as needed.

Reporting Slopes

The computed slope areas can be added to the current report view for publication using the Summary button in the Slope Analysis dialog.

Shading Slopes in a Drawing

You can shade slope ranges in different colors and hatchings in your drawing.  These user settings are in the Slope Analysis dialog.

TPC will even create legend entries to identify the slopes.

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