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Adding a surface in TPC is wickedly simple.  Here are some typical workflows.

Creating a Surface from a Traverse (3:02)

See how easy it is to create a surface from a traverse of topo points.

Editing a Surface Border (6:39)

Editing a Surface Border is Easy and Intuitive in TPC Desktop

Add and remove border points to change it's shape

Editing Surface Breaklines (5:02)

Edit breaklines manually

Importing breakline traverses

Exporting the Surface to CAD (2:30)

We export the drawing as a DWG and open it in CAD.

The surface is a 3D polyfacemesh.

We spin the surface around in 3D so you can see how it models the surface.

Computing Slopes

Once you have a surface in TPC Desktop, you can easily generate information about slopes, volumes, profiles (transects) and cuts & fills.

We'll show you a couple of workflows that are easy to do in TPC Desktop.

Slope Analysis (4:19)

Specify the grade ranges you want.

Select shading colors and intensity.

Generate the slope analysis report with both Plan and Slope areas.

Shade the slopes in the drawing.

Add a slope key to the legend.

Computing the Volume Between Two Surfaces (5:54)

TPC Desktop lets you compute the volume of any surface to

its own border - great for stockpiles of chips, rock, dirt

an elevation

another surface

In this video, we'll compute the amount of sand between original ground and a designed subgrade.





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