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Converting Between Grid and Geodetic Positions





You can convert between grid and geodetic for a single point or display latitude and longitude in any Traverse View.

Computing Latitude/Longitude and Grid Coordinates

Once you have defined a survey grid, you can convert between Latitude/Longitude and grid coordinates based on that grid.

From the Traverses Manager, choose Tools | Grid <=> Geodetic.

If you know the Latitude and Longitude, enter them. The grid coordinates are computed and displayed automatically

If you know the grid coordinates, enter them. The Latitude and Longitude will be computed and displayed automatically.

If you have a survey point with the coordinates for which you want a Latitude and Longitude, enter the point label for Point.

Including Latitude/Longitude in the Traverse View

You can also include Latitude and Longitude in the Traverse Screen. You can enter the Latitude and Longitude for any point and TPC will compute the corresponding grid coordinates, or you can enter or compute grid coordinates and TPC will display the Latitude and Longitude.

From the Traverse View, choose View | Format View.

Include the letters y and x (must be lower case) in the Display Sequence.

If you want to enter Latitude/Longitude for points in the Traverse View, you can include x & y in the Edit Sequence also so that the cursor advances through these columns.

By default, the Traverse View only displays Latitudes and Longitudes you have entered. This is to save time since the computations from grid coordinates to geodetic position are very involved. To display the Latitude/Longitude for all points, turn on the [X] Compute Latitude and Longitude option.

Choose OK. The Traverse View will now have Latitude and Longitude columns.

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