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Entering Lot Traverses





To create a lot in TPC, you create a traverse and enter the lot courses into it.

Entering Lot Data

Introduction: Entering a Lot Traverse (16:06) - This video introduces you to entering a lot traverse by bearings and distances along with curves.

 0:54 Changing Traverse Settings for selected traverses

1:00 Add Lot 5 to the Traverses Manager – use the New Traverse dialog to select the format and settings.

2:43 Recalling existing points in the new traverse – shares a line with Lot 4

3:15 Unique points and lines in TPC – there can only be one line between points 10 and 9

4:20 Extending a line, using equations like 8..9 to recall a bearing

5:00 Synchronization – lines appear in Drawing View as you enter them in the Traverse View

5:51 Use COGO Intersect to extend a line to the intersection of a curve

9:00 Using the View button in a COGO dialog to preview the computation

9:39 Updating existing point with the computed coordinates from the intersection

10:00 Position of point 12 is automatically updated in the drawing

10:50 Entering a curve radius in the Traverse View – you see all your data, all the time

12:50 Checking the lot closure in the Closure View and the Traverses Manager

14:30 Creating a Legal Description for the lot we just entered

15:31 Learning Guide chapter: Creating Traverses – learn how to do what we just did in this video


Use the Deeds or Deeds w/Curves Traverse View Format

TPC includes Traverse View Formats that are set up specifically for entering lot boundary data.  These are Deeds and Deeds w/Curves.

These formats help you streamline your data entry by

minimizing key strokes

maximizing use of the numeric keypad on your keyboard

They can easily be edited to include either azimuths (0° - 360°) or bearings like N 45° 30' E.  Remember, to enter bearings, you enter the quadrant first.  See Entering Data.

Check Your Lot Closure

When you are finished entering your lot data, you will want to check your lot closure to identify any data entry or deed description errors.  You do this in the Closure View.

Checking Closure (5:05) - Point Codes can now be accessed from point attributes as well as point descriptions.




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