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This topic lists other resources you can use to help learn about traverses.


Most of what you do inside of TPC involves traverses, but maybe not in the way you think 

Watch this video from time stamp 8:30 to 17:30 to see just how traverses can make curb returns and setbacks almost effortless.

Quick View™ & Drawings  (58:00) - watch time stamp 8:30 to17:30

Traverse Example - Taping a House Foundation

For this example, we just picked the simple task of measuring (taping) a house foundation to show you another way traverses are used.

TPC Mortgage Survey: Taping a House (7:28)

Learning Guide

Traverses Learning Guide 

Traverses have always been at the heart of TPC and they continue to prove their worth with every new technology that comes along. The Traverses Learning Guide shows you how Flexible Traverses are, how to Format the Traverse View for what you need to do, how to Enter Data, how COGO Happens Automatically in Traverses and many of the ways you can Create Traverses.


Deed Research (4:33) - Do your research, then enter boundaries from deeds, tax lot maps, survey plats or wherever else you find the information you need.

Traverse View Decimals (5:07) - Set the number of decimals to use for each traverse.

Insert Existing Points (10:31) - Use the Insert Existing Points command in the Traverse View.

Entering a Lot Traverse (16:07) - TPC Desktop Introduction: Entering a Lot Traverse.

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Personal, Premium, Professional

Most of the geodetic tools used for Cadastral (PLSS) surveys are available in the Premium edition, but the PLSS specific tools for restoring lost corners are available only in the Professional edition.




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