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Traverses are the heart and soul of TPC.

What is a Traverse?

A traverse is a collection of points that belong together for some reason determined by the user.  See What is a Traverse?

The Benefit of Traverses

Traverses allow us to operate on large numbers of points with single commands. Take rotation for instance. Just tell TPC to rotate a traverse about a point and every point in the traverse gets rotated. Or how about selecting the five traverses that aren't on the survey grid and rotating all five together to put them on grid.

Do you get the picture? Traverses are the perfect way to manage your survey points in an orderly, defined fashion. The result is that you work efficiently and decisively with your survey data via traverses.

Best of all, Traverses can share data. Update a point in one Traverse and it updates everywhere. Once you start working with Traverses in your survey you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Using Traverses in Drawings

Traverse Drawing Settings make drafting fast, flexible and fun in TPC using our Quick View™ Technology. Use the Traverse Drawing Settings to choose the point symbol, line type, color, point labels, line labels and other settings you want to use for a traverse and TPC creates the drawing for you. You can store Traverse Drawing Settings for re-use by giving them a unique name like Property Line or Topo Shots.

Using Traverses in Surfaces

To compute the volume between any two surfaces, you need two surfaces, each of which uses a traverse to define it's topo points.

This concept of using traverses to define surfaces makes it very easy to create surfaces for existing vs proposed, phase 1 vs phase 2, etc.

Creating Traverses

You'll find that TPC has lots of ways to create traverses, many that sort of happen as you import data, make decisions and create deliverables.  See Creating Traverses.

In a very short time, you'll feel right at home creating a new traverse to do something you do everyday, then over time, you'll discover other ways to create traverses to streamline your workflows.

Managing Traverses

From the TPC Desktop menu, choose Manage | Traverses. TPC displays the Traverse Manager.

You can insert new traverses next to other traverses or append them to the end of the list. You can group similar traverses together. Make a copy of a traverse that shares the same survey points or duplicate a traverse so that it has its own unique survey points.

Most of the time however, you'll just double click a traverse to open it in a Traverse View.




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