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TPC Member Area – most everything is available here

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EDD Subscriptions

These are subscriptions in both TPC’s and EDD’s terminology

  1. User pays $/mo (based on edition purchases), billed quarterly or annually
  2. EDD sets this up as a recurring payment – must be canceled to stop
  3. We can offer a renewal discount (i.e. 10%) if we want.
    1. Each time they allow the automatic renewal (don’t cancel), they get the discount.
    2. If the cancel, they can re-subscribe, but pay full price.


  1. User selects a subscription from from the Edition web page TPC Professional – TPC Premium – TPC Personal
  2. These pages explain the subscription rules in brief and provide a link to more details
  3. On purchase, the user is agreeing to recurring payments (billed automatically quarterly or annually). This is built into EDD.


  1. Says TPC Desktop Professional Subscription $amount, billed quarterly/annually
  2. User receives a license key (TPC recognizes these as subscriptions when the user validates) so they can start using TPC right away.


  1. User validates with user, company, key.
  2. Each time TPC runs, it checks the internet to see if the subscription is valid. If not, TPC doesn’t run.
  3. TPC’s license information says ‘Subscription’ and renewal date. (Tasks Mgr and Program Settings, Support tab).
  4. There is currently NO grace period for subscriptions.
  5. Each time TPC starts, it displays license notices, starting 30-days before expiration with a link to License Manager.
    1. We can have these pop up after expiration also.

License Manager

  1. We update subscription downloads with the latest releases (i.e. TPC 2019 Professional)
    1. The user can download any new releases as long as the subscription is valid (has not expired).
    2. Once it has expired, they can’t download or validate.
    3. So subscriptions have access to all releases while they are valid – just like the Connection.
  2. User login shows subscriptions.
  3. Users can login and cancel their subscription any time while it is active.
    1. They continue to have full subscription rights during the original subscription period.


  1. In the license manager, users can upgrade to a more expensive edition and pay the price difference, like we have always done, but now it happens automatically.
  2. They will receive a new license key which they will need to enter, but they don’t have to download/install since all editions of TPC run the same program.

TPC Administration

  1. We have a Downloads, Subscriptions view in Word Press (WP)
    1. Lots of tools for date range, expired, about to expire, etc.
  2. We can delete a subscription any time
  3. We can NOT create a Manual Purchase for a Subscription
    1. I think the user has to complete a bonafide purchase for EDD to automatically bill the renewals via PayPal / Amazon.
  4. This whole process is automated with EDD. We don’t have to do anything but process the payments.
  5. We can offer a trial period if we want. Billing starts at the end of the trail period.
  6. We can charge a startup fee if we want. Added to the purchase, but not to any renewals.

EDD Single User

TPC sells all new single user licenses as a TPC Connection + Perpetual License bundle in EDD

  1. User buys the perpetual license and gets one year of TPC included at no extra cost.
  2. Their bundle receipt shows the cost of the bundle and each separate download, but no cost for each separate download.
  3. Bundled with TPC Connection
    1. EDD allows us to bundle any combination of downloads, into a bundle and charge some amount for it.
    2. User receives keys for both the perpetual license and the connection.
    3. The user is not charged for the TPC Connection or the Perpetual License. They are charged for the bundle.
  4. The perpetual download is for one version of TPC only (i.e. TPC 2018 R2 Professional) and never provides automatic access to newer versions.


  1. User purchase one Single-User License from the Edition web page TPC Professional – TPC Premium – TPC Personal
    1. Currently, EDD will let us show a quantity, but I can’t get it to produce that many keys. I think I can fix this as I learn more.
  2. This is a one-time purchase. The user never has to purchase anything more from TPC if they don’t want.


  1. Says the bundle name (EDD Download like TPC Professional Bundle Single) and amount.
  2. Says TPC 2018 R2 Professional
    1. Includes 2018 R2 download
    2. Includes license key for 2018 R2 only
  3. Says TPC Professional Connection
    1. Includes 2018 R2 download.
    2. Includes license key for the connection


  1. User validates with user, company, TPC app key and TPC Connection key.
  2. Each time TPC runs, it checks the internet to see if both the app key and connection keys are valid.
  3. Perpetual License
    1. This is just what it says – it runs forever and never expires
    2. Each time TPC starts, it checks this license if there is an internet connection.
      1. If the license is not valid for some reason, TPC doesn’t run.
      2. TPC resets any grace period that was running.
    3. Each time TPC starts without an internet connection
      1. It starts a 30-day grace period. If TPC does not startup with a valid license after 30 days, it stops running until the user runs it with an internet connection, at which time and can check validation and run.
  4. TPC Connection License
    1. Each time TPC starts, it checks for a valid TPC Connection license (if a key was entered during validation).
    2. Starting 30-days before expiration, it displays a TPC Connection license notices, with a link to License Manager.
      1. This is currently a little pop-up, but we can give it it’s own dialog with a notice and resolution, like ‘your connection is about to expire’, ‘Choose license manager to renew’.
    3. The user is presented with a License Manger button
      1. They can renew their TPCC early and get a discount (20% of full TPCC price, i.e. $400 Professional).
        1. This does not renew automatically like an EDD subscription.
        2. In the License Manager, they see ‘Extend License’ and when clicked, they see a shopping cart with the discount.
      2. If they miss the early renewal deadline,
        1. they go back up to the full price ( $500 Professional) for one more year
        2. after this one more year, TPC will Disable the license so that it can no longer be renewed.
          1. They now have to do an update + connection bundle

License Manager – TPC Connection

  1. While a TPC Connection is valid (has not expired)
    1. The user can access the TPCC license in the License Manager and access the download for any new releases (TPC 2019 R0)
      1. If they download and install, they can validate it with their connection key if it has not expired
        1. This switches this validation of TPC to more like a subscription – it will run only as long as the TPC Connection is valid.
        2. We may or may not want to send that TPC Connection member a perpetual license for each new release. I haven’t made that decision yet.
      2. If their connection has expired, I think they can still access the download for the new release and install it, but that connection key will not validate it.
        1. We may want to hire a consultant to make this better.

License Manager – Perpetual License

  1. This download never changes. It is always ONLY for one version of TPC Desktop (i.e TPC 2018 R2 Professional).
    1. The user can re-download it any time and re-validate it with the key, subject to the deactivate/activate rules.
  2. User Login shows Licenses, Purchases, Downloads.

TPC Administration

  1. Both the perpetual license and TPC Connection license show up in WP, Downloads, Licenses.
  2. We can modify licenses if needed (disable, delete, etc.)
  3. The Personal and Premium TPC Connections currently show Lifetime and have to be edited to expire 1 year after purchase.
    1. The Professional Connection shows the correct expiration date.
    2. I have tried to figure out why Personal and Premium are doing this and can’t find a reason.

TPC Technical Notes

  1. This involves 3 EDD downloads
    1. The bundle, which is what the user purchases. This is NOT version specific.
    2. The current version/edition of TPC Desktop (i.e. 2018 R2 Professional Single). This IS version specific.
    3. The edition connection (i.e. TPC Professional Connection). This is NOT version specific.
  2. Yes, the user can validate any version of TPC with either the perpetual license key or the connection key for that edition.
    1. TPC has a routine that determines the license type and edition from the license key.
    2. So the user can enter either key and TPC will know what it is.
  3. Each time TPC runs, it checks both the perpetual license and the connection license
    1. If either one are valid, the app runs.
    2. In the Task Mgr and Program Settings, Support – TPC tells us which one validated.
  4. TPC Connection Professional/Premium/Personal
    1. TPC uses this one download for both single-user and network licenses.
    2. The single user has just one activations.
    3. The network options have the same number of activations as the perpetual network licenses.
    4. When we create a Manual Purchase to supply a network purchase with their connection license, we will need to match the activation count of the connection license we are providing with the activation count of the network license purchases/updated.

EDD Network

The documentation for networks is similar to the perpetual single-user with these differences.

Network Administrator

  1. A network license is purchased and administered by one person, the licensee.
    1. They are the only ones who have access to the License Manager for that license, via their WP user login.
  2. Individual TPC users will still see the TPC Connection license notices (expires in 30 days, etc.) but when they click on Manage License, they won’t be able to log in unless they know the login name and password.

Multiple Activations per License

  1. This is a single license and license key with 3, 5 10 or 20 activations.
  2. Each user who validates TPC with this license adds a ‘site’ for that license.
    1. The administrator sees user name,license key,computer ID,computer name for each site, so they know who is using activations.
    2. Each user’s TPC tells them how many activations used of available and how many remain.
    3. They also see when the TPC Connection expires.

Educational Network Licenses

  1. Each workstation will need to be validated by the network administrator logged in with full admin privileges.
    1. This will allow any user to log into their user account and run TPC without needing to validate TPC individually.
  2. It is up to the network administrator if they choose to include the TPCC validation on the workstations.

TPC Connection Send After Purchase

  1. At this point, I don’t know how to get EDD to create 3 TPC Connection keys to go with the 3 perpetual licenses. Same with 5, 10 and 20.
  2. So I am suggesting we manually create it and send it to the administrator
    1. We’ll include a note with the Network download that says, “We will send you your TPC Connection license as soon as we process your order.”
    2. We will use the Manual Purchase extension to create a 3,5,10,20-seat TPC Connection with their corresponding prices (3x$500 for Pro, etc.).
      1. We can include the same discounts we did with the perpetual license if we want.
    3. We can have an EDD consultant automatic this for us down the road.

Manual Purchase Links:

  1. Professional
    1. Free 3 Seat:[price_id]=1&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRO2018R2NET
    2. Free 5 Seat:[price_id]=2&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRO2018R2NET
    3. Free 10 Seat:[price_id]=3&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRO2018R2NET
    4. Free 20 Seat:[price_id]=4&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRO2018R2NET
  2. Premium
    1. Free 3 Seat:[price_id]=1&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRE2018R2NET
    2. Free 5 Seat:[price_id]=2&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRE2018R2NET
    3. Free 10 Seat:[price_id]=3&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRE2018R2NET
    4. Free 20 Seat:[price_id]=4&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRE2018R2NET
  3. Personal
    1. Free 3 Seat:[price_id]=1&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPER2018R2NET
    2. Free 5 Seat:[price_id]=2&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPER2018R2NET
    3. Free 10 Seat:[price_id]=3&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPER2018R2NET
    4. Free 20 Seat:[price_id]=4&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPER2018R2NET

EDD Trial

  • web page: Try Free for 30 Days
  • they can download a trial of the Edition they want.
    • These are monthly subscriptions with a 30-day trial period.
    • So we get the CC info and automatically bill them at the end of 30 days
  • They choose Purchase for the Edition they want and TPC opens their cart, just like it would for a purchase.
    • If they are not registered in WP, they will need to register now.
    • They will see the EDD Purchase Confirmation page
      • with their trial key and download link
      • Uses the TPC Member Area template, so they have immediate access to learning resources


  • All trials upgrade to their respective single-user perpetual license.
  • The user just pays the price difference between one month’s subscription and the single-user license

EDD Updates

These pertain to single-user and network, perpetual licenses. Not to subscriptions.

Perpetual licenses are for a specific version and edition of TPC, like 2018 R2 Professional. We bundle them with the TPC Connection, which always includes the latest release. So as long as that user keeps their connection current, they have access to the latest version of TPC.

For the first year after their connection has expired, we will let them renew their connection a full price and one again, get the latest versions of TPC.

However, if they let their connection expire for more than a year, they have to update.

  1. There is NO automatic update for perpetual licenses.
  2. I have currently created an update bundle, just like the perpetual single bundle, that says ‘Update’ on the receipts. We can do the same for the network updates.
    1. The update bundle prices are the same as their new license counterparts.
    2. This lets us offer an 80% discount on professional to get the price of the update down to $400. Or any other discount we want to arrive at any other price we want.
  3. Users can request an update via a public page Update / Upgrade Request
    1. This new public page requires users to contact us for an update or upgrade
    2. We verify serial number, edition, owner
    3. We send them a link that creates a shopping cart with the correct purchase (full proof)

Custom Add To Cart Links


Price ID

Discount code

  1. We can also add a discount code to any update
  2. link Update From TPC Desktop 2015 Professional to TPC Desktop 2018 R2
  3. href=”[price_id]=4&discount=UPDPRO30″
  4. Assumes we created a discount code UPDPRO30 that takes an additional 30% off the Price ID price.

FREE User Trial

  1. We don’t have a way in EDD to send someone a 30-day trail that bills automatically at the end of 30 days.
    1. We still want them to just buy the update and we’ll refund it if they don’t like it
  2. But, we can send them a FREE Download for their update with instructions to purchase in 30 days or we’ll terminate it
  3. href=”[price_id]=7&discount=TPCSGLUPDFREE”
    1. This code works for any update bundle (Pers, Prem, Pro).
    2. It shows their normal update price based on their version (price_id) so they know how much the update is.
    3. It gives them a FREE Download button.
    4. We have to set a GM action 30-days out to disable the license if they have not updated.
    5. In WP, we edit the license and change the expiration date from LIFETIME to 30-days out
      1. If needed, we can adjust the expiration date as needed to give that person more time
  4. If this person decides to update
    1. we run their CC for the update amount and set their license back to LIFETIME
    2. Let’s find out if we can track the payment in EDD payment history without creating a new license
  5. If this person decides NOT to update
    1. we can leave the expired license as is if we think they might be back soon
    2. we can disable the license

Update + Connection Bundles


  • ID: 12310
  • Price ID: 1=From TPC 2018 R0 or R1, 2=From TPC 2017, 3=From TPC 2016, 4=From TPC 2015, 5=From TPC 2014, 6=From TPC 2013, 7=From TPC v1.0-v11.6


  • ID:12309
  • Price ID: 1=From TPC 2018 R0 or R1, 2=From TPC 2017, 3=From TPC 2016, 4=From TPC 2015, 5=From TPC 2014, 6=From TPC 2013, 7=From TPC v1.0-v11.6


  • ID:12306
  • Price ID: 1=From TPC 2018 R0 or R1, 2=From TPC 2017, 3=From TPC 2016, 4=From TPC 2015, 5=From TPC 2014, 6=From TPC 2013, 7=From TPC v1.0-v11.6

EDD Upgrades

  1. We have included upgrades, where appropriate, in Personal and Premium downloads.
  2. When the user access their License Manager, they see View Upgrades for any license that can be upgraded.
    1. If there are upgrade options, each option is listed along with its upgrade price
    2. upgrade prices are computed automatically from the individual download prices being upgraded from and to
    3. the user can select an option
  3. If they choose to upgrade a license
    1. They get a filled in shopping cart that tells them what the license is being upgraded to and the price.
    2. They can complete the sale like any other and pay for the upgrade
    3. They then receive a receipt for the upgrade, just like a new purchase
  4. License Keys
    1. Upgrades do not issue new license keys but they do change the edition that runs with that key.
      1. i.e. if a user upgrades from Personal Single to Premium Single, the next time they run TPC, TPC checks that license via the internet and determines that it is now a Premium Edition.


  1. Subscriptions can be upgraded to another subscription or to a perpetual single-user license.

TPC Connections

  1. We can check with EDD to see if there is a way to upgrade the corresponding connection, but for now I can’t figure it out.
  2. When a perpetual license is upgraded, we have to manually upgrade the corresponding TPC Connection
    1. Find the old TPC Connection (edition upgraded from) and Disable it.
    2. Use Manual Purchase to add a new TPC Connection for the upgraded edition.
  3. Pro-rate existing connections
    1. If the upgraded license has a current connection, we will want to pro-rate the new connection so that it expires at the same time
    2. This means the user will get a free connection upgrade till the expiration date – that’s OK

EDD Connection 2018 R2

This is how we will get 2018 R2 out to current TPC Connection members.

Move existing TPCC over to EDD Customers with 2018 R2

Single copy updates

  1. We sell them a single + connection bundle with a 100% discount code.
    1. creates their EDD licenses, which they can now manage
    2. adds them to our website as a Customer so they can access all Customer content
  2. We send them a Custom Cart Link via GM email Sales, TPC Connection, Your TPC Desktop 2018 R2 [  ] Edition is ready
    1. We created discount codes TPCCPER2018R2, TPCCPRE2018R2 & TPCCPRO2018R2 to
      1. provide the default 100% discount
      2. limited to one per customer
      3. EDD bundles are limited to quantity=1 – so this only works for users with a single copy
    2. href=”[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRO2018R2″
      1. link TPC Desktop 2018 R2 Professional
    3. href=”[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRE2018R2″
      1. link TPC Desktop 2018 R2 Premium
    4. href=”[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPER2018R2″
      1. link TPC Desktop 2018 R2 Personal

Multi-copy updates

  1. EDD bundles are limited to quantity=1 – so these guys need a customer cart link and discount code for each copy
  2. For now, I have created discount codes for a second copy only.
    1. I would include a duplicate Click this link… line in their email
      1. maybe even add the serial number to each link line, even though EDD won’t use it
    2. TPCCPRO2018R2X2, TPCCPRE2018R2X2, TPCCPER2018R2X2
  3. For someone with more copies, we will need to create additional codes.

Modify TPC Connection Expirations

As each user purchases their free download, we will receive an email in

  • WP, Downloads, Payment History
    • locate the purchase
    • drill down to the TPC Connection license
      • modify the date to match GM details plus
      • now TPC will tell the user when their connection is about to expire, in addition to the emails EDD and TPC send to them
  • Update their GM information – Software field and Software tab
  • Update their Details Plus information
    • update the version
    • everything else stays the same
      • do NOT copy the EDD license key into key1, key2 – 2018r2 can still use their RMS key if needed

Personal Single + Connection

  1. ID: 12320

Premium Single + Connection

  1. ID:12319

Professional Single + Connection

  1. ID:12317

EDD Connection Renewals


  1. All connections are annual subscriptions, so they renew automatically, unless the user cancels them.
  2. All include a 10% early renewal discount to match the existing, one-year, renewal discount.
  3. Unfortunately, EDD subscriptions, like our TPC Connection, can not be purchased in multiples.
    1. So right now, I don’t have a good solution for users with multiple connections.
    2. I have asked EDD support for help.

Move existing TPCC renewals over to EDD as they expire

  1. Each month, we identify who is expiring next month.
    1. Query all October renewals and create a group
      1. GM, Query, Sales, TPCC Expires Next Month
      2. GM, Groups, Sales, TPCC Expires Next Month
  2. We send them a Custom Cart Link via GM email
  3. We will call them ‘First Time’ below.
  4. We will need to include a discount code to give them the early renewal price instead of the full price of the subscription.
  5. See WP, Downloads, Settings, Extensions, Software Licensing, Disable Discount Codes On Renewal [X]
    1. This setting allows the discount code to be used when the user purchases their first TPCC Subscription only.
    2. After that, each TPCC Subscription is setup to provide its own 10% discount if allowed to renew automatically (not canceled)
  6. In the link syntax below, ‘&’ will be replaced with ‘&’ when viewed as raw html

Custom Add To Cart Links


Discount code & price ID

  1. href=”[price_id]=1&edd_options[quantity]=2&discount=TPCCPRO100118″
    1. link First Time TPCC Professional Early Renewal
  2. See GM, Documents, Sales, TPC Connection, Your TPC Connection Renewal
    1. At the beginning of September, 2018
      1. Query all October renewals and create a group
        1. GM, Query, Sales, TPCC Expires Next Month
        2. GM, Groups, Sales, TPCC Expires Next Month
      2. Create a discount code for each day in October that has an expiration
        1. i.e. TPCCPRO100118 expires 10/1/18
      3. Merge this document with the group you created in step 1 – TPCC Expires Next Month
        1. edit their link for quantity and discount code for each user
        2. send out all links
      4. As users renew, remove them from the group TPCC Expires Next Month
  3. See GM, Documents, Sales, TPC Connection, We didn’t receive your TPC Connection Renewal
    1. At the end of September, 2018
      1. Query all October renewals and update the group
        1. GM, Query, Sales, TPCC Expires Next Month
        2. GM, Groups, Sales, TPCC Expires Next Month
      2. Create a single discount code for 20% that ends in 3 days
        1. i.e. TPCCPRO20-110318
        2. expires 11/3/18
        3. Up the discount to 20%
      3. Merge this document with the group you just updated in step 1 – TPCC Expires Next Month
        1. edit the links for quantity for each user
        2. send out all links

Convert to single-user license Connection Renewal to EDD

  1. edd_action=add_to_cart&download_id=12313&edd_options[price_id]=1&edd_options[quantity]=1&discount=TPCCPRO100118
    1. because it can only be used one-time per customer, so it needs to include quantities, if they have more than one connection to renew

Convert to network license Connection Renewal to EDD

  1. edd_action=add_to_cart&download_id=12313&edd_options[price_id]=2&discount=TPCCPRO100118
    1. i.e. price-id=2 is for a 3-seat network license
    2. quantity always set to 1 because we already matched the price_id to the number of seats

Personal Connection

  1. ID: 12311
  2. Price ID: 1=Single, 2=3 Activations, 3=5 activations, 4=10 activations, 5=20 activations
    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled


Premium Connection

  1. ID:12312
  2. Price ID: 1=Single, 2=3 Activations, 3=5 activations, 4=10 activations, 5=20 activations
    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled


Professional Connection

  1. ID:12313
  2. Price ID: 1=Single, 2=3 Activations, 3=5 activations, 4=10 activations, 5=20 activations
    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled

    • Billed yearly until cancelled


EDD Tools

Traverse PC via Word Press

Payment History



Discounts Pro – create a discount for an individual user

Reports – Earnings, Downloads, Payments, Taxes, etc

User License Management

Once a user has purchased a product, they can login to this page to manage their licenses

License Management

Test Purchase

Billed daily until cancelled

Oliver's Links

Downloads (Purchase)



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