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I Waited and Waited but now, I’m All In!

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Mark Lull, Technical SupportI am frequently asked by users whether they should update from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Up until now, I have always said, “It’s up to you.” Everything changed in the last few weeks. Now, my answer is, “Absolutely! I would definitely update to Windows 10 if I were you!”

I have been on Windows 10 since the day it released. So why has my opinion changed this week?

Well, before now, I had seen a couple of things I really liked (like the new way copying and pasting files works when you have files with the same names) but I hadn’t really seen anything that pushed me over the edge to say that Windows 10 is definitely better. I hadn’t seen any problems caused by Windows 10 but I had seen a problems caused by AVG and Avast in Windows 10 so I was ambivalent.

Oliver has been working on getting our new office server set up. As he was working on getting the backups working, he stumbled into “shadow copies” of files. (Check out his article below.) Our server isn’t Windows 10 because it is running a server OS but it got me thinking that maybe Windows 10 did the same thing. I went into both of my Windows 10 computers and started looking. Lo and behold, Windows 10 is creating “shadow copies” also! This is like an automatic backup or mirror of my files without me doing anything! I really like that!

So that is why I am now All In on Windows 10! I strongly recommend that you update to Windows 10 before the free updates go away at the end of July!

Mark Lull, Technical Support


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