TPC Combines Analytical with CAD

Hello Surveyors, I’ve been surveying for some time, working for different types of organizations, and I also run my own small company. Larger entities have all of the CAD systems and analytical tools possible. I operated all of those systems and know how they work. When starting my company, I did not have a lot … Read more

Tunneling with TPC

Calculating the East portal entry skew for the Mitchell Point Tunnel using TPC. Solved by creating tunnel alignment and two tunnel templates, one just outside the entry wall and one inside. Then pair corresponding points from each template. Stake these pairs using a reference line function to a point on the rock face having a … Read more

Convert Local to GNSS CRS

We show you how to convert an existing survey from local grid to GNSS CRS so you can do stakeout. Recorded Webinar (26:17) Introduce Project (0:00) ORGN RTK NTRIP Network Create emlid Flow Project (8:57) Tie GNSS Points in Field (10:42) Create Calibration (16:15) Reverse Calibrate Survey (18:16) Export for Stakeout (22:33)

Using GPS/GNSS with TPC 

We take a look at an inexpensive GNSS solution with emlid Reach RS2+ and Traverse PC. Recorded Webinar (29:18) Using GPS/GNSS in the Help System (1:00) RTK NTRIP Solution (4:30) GPS/GNSS Workflows (16:40) Using GPS/GNSS with Surveys (20:35) Calibrating GPS/GNSS Data (23:15) Project Overview for GPS/GNSS Webinar Part 2 (26:00) Using GPS GNSS (29:18)

Difficult Boundary Survey Drawn Completely in Traverse PC

We are a small company in Northeast Florida that prides itself on providing our clients with quality services. We recently completed a difficult boundary survey map which was drawn completely in Traverse PC. This survey started out much like many; however, it quickly changed once we realized that monumented parcels did not agree entirely with … Read more

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