How to use Traverse PC to provide a value added deliverable for your clients. Recorded Webinar (25:56) Introduction (0:00)What Are Shapes (3:22)Importing Shapes (6:14)TPC’s GIS Interface (5:26)Importing Shapes into a Survey (6:41)Shapes become Traverses (9:40)Check Location in Google Earth (10:20)Importing Shapes into Drawings (13:00)GIS Geographic vs Projected (15:44)Projection Files (17:40)Exporting Shape Files (19:30) Using GIS

Phrase Driven Legal Descriptions Output

We take an in-depth look at product of TPC’s Phrase Driven Legal Description writer for all of the tangent, curve and spiral options. Recorded Webinar (32:33) Styles (0:37)Non-Tangent Curve (6:41)Spiral Phrases (17:09)Write a Legal Description (18:41)

Use a Local Survey with GNSS CRS

In Part 2, we will work with GNSS in a 15 lots PUD survey that does not use the same CRS as GNSS. The survey CRS was used in the design and engineering of the project, so we don’t want to change it, but as we will show you, TPC works beautifully between the two. … Read more

Works Like You Think

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CAD Export Workflows

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CAD Import Workflows

We show you 6 common workflows for importing CAD. Recorded Webinar (1:10:43) 6 CAD Import Workfkows (2:25) Questions to ask about a CAD file you get Commong import CAD workflows Using CAD files that are sent to you (5:48) See what’s in a CAD file so you know how to use it. Convert CAD File … Read more

20+ Years of TPC

By the time I finish my evaluation of the evidence and completed the necessary calculations, much of the drawing is already complete.  Add a few standard items, touch it up a bit and I’m ready to move on to the next project.

Spirals with R-O-W Offsets

Using TPC, I was able to lay out the centerline, offset to the rights-of-way, and get this information to my CAD tech in less than five minutes. 

Subdivision Plat

EdgeMeadowsPhase1stakingsheet.pdf   Here is the final plat. MeadowsPh1FinalPlatSheet2.pdf     Traverse PC was use for all calculations and drafting. It simply does everything I need it to do. This is a copy of my staking worksheet. It was used in the field to indicate coordinate points and show control points while setting pins. I updated … Read more