Traverse PC – 25 Years

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Traverse PC celebrated its 25th Anniversary!   We started back in 1987 when PC’s were just gaining traction in surveying and engineering offices across the country. Today, thousands of surveyors and engineers use Traverse PC every day.

eNewsletter: August 2012

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President’s Message: Web Drives – Mark’s Tech Corner: COGO Tools Used For Unintended Uses! – Eric Tanikawa: Bratwurst! (Camping Style) President’s Message: Web Drives At the Hawaii conference this past February, I included some information on how I am using DropBox to store survey data on the web. I just create a \DropBox\Surveys\ folder on my PC and all my surveys are synchronized to a web copy of the same folder. You can get 2 GB free when you sign up … Read More

eNewsletter: May 2012

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President’s Message: “SIMPLE Civil 3D Strategies” – Mark’s Tech Corner: The Most Powerful COGO Tool – The Traverse View – Eric Tanikawa: On My Own! President’s Message: “SIMPLE Civil 3D Strategies” We found an article in the April 2012 Point of Beginning magazine that we thought was pretty amusing. It is on page 40 and its title is “SIMPLE Civil 3D Strategies”. In the article, the author describes five tips that “can help land surveyors more easily navigate the Autodesk AutoCAD Civil … Read More

eNewsletter: April 2012

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President’s Message: Automatic Closure Settings – Mark’s Tech Corner: The Value of the TPC Connection – Zero to Topo in Two Days! – Eric Tanikawa: Yes, We Can! President’s Message: Automatic Closure Settings Quite a few of you have asked for a way to set the closing points and closing angle in a traverse, so that you can quickly check your closure. We’ve been giving this some thought, and have a slick way to make this work with any data collector, … Read More

eNewsletter: March 2012

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President’s Message: Closures and Adjustments – Mark’s Tech Corner: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Data – Eric Tanikawa: March Madness President’s Message: Closures and Adjustments Just about every day, we get asked, “Does TPC do closures?” And the short answer is, “Yes.” Every traverse has a closure because it starts somewhere and stops somewhere. If it closes back on itself, it’s a Closed Loop and generates an area. Traverses know if they close back on themselves, so they can … Read More

eNewsletter: February 2012

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President’s Message: Why We Love Traverses – Mark’s Tech Corner: Interface with HP48 Data Collectors – Eric Tanikawa: Father vs Son(s) (Blackened vs Burnt) President’s Message: Why We Love Traverses I spoke recently at one of the state surveying conferences and got to sit in on a ‘Field to Finish’ presentation by one of our software competitors. I kept a list of the neat features they highlighted like sorting points by point codes, assigning symbols and line work, nearest neighbor sort and so … Read More

eNewsletter: January 2012

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Eric Tanikawa: Your Software Investment in a Difficult Economy – Mark’s Tech Corner: Button Sizes and Customizing Toolbars in Traverse PC Eric Tanikawa: Your Software Investment in a Difficult Economy I have been the Business Manager for a land surveying company and for Traverse PC for over ten years. I understand the very tough choices that must be made every day in running a business because I have to make those decisions. When times are good, I don’t have to worry quite … Read More

Casey Cockrell

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“Traverse PC was an evident choice for me when I started my own surveying firm at my kitchen table.  As the projects came in the door, upgrading to professional was a great choice that paid dividends.  Having used several drafting and mapping programs, I champion Traverse PC as a viable standalone option for any surveyor.  Made for Surveyors, I have not had any conflict with CAD data and continue to produce amazing plats and export accurate topo data to my … Read More

John Cutter

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“I am an owner of a small survey company. About five years ago, I purchased a copy of the Professional Edition of TPC. After using a variety of mostly CAD based survey programs, I was amazed at the short learning curve it took to adjust to TPC. In using TPC, I am able to create my drawings in a short time. And when I would run into a problem or have questions which were typically in the evening hours, I … Read More

Pete Olson

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“Traverse PC is the most user friendly software that I’ve used.  I’ve been a user of this product for 20+ years and have used it in Cadastral, boundary, riparian, construction, lot surveys and plat reviews.  I highly recommend it and …well, try it, you’ll like it. “ Pete Olson, PLS (ID-MT-ND-OR), Culbertson, MT

William N. Whye

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“I have been using Traverse PC for almost eight years now. Having been a surveyor for over 50 years & also having owned my own business for 15 years, I can say without a doubt this software is the easiest I have ever learned to use. As a beginner, with minimal training, you are able to produce basic survey drawings practically right out of the box. In addition, as you grow with the software the software kind of grows with … Read More

Joel Kayser

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“To the makers of Traverse-PC, Yu ROCK! I am a student… and have been using your program all summer. As a rookie to the survey profession I find the program to be very user friendly. Traverse PC is helpful with understanding how data is used to make decisions in a survey, as well as providing a visual image illustrating what the data collected is trying to show. Excellent product please keep up the good work!” Joel Kayser, Student, Alfred State … Read More

David Holland

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“I find Traverse PC very easy and efficient to use.  The applications are logical and the learning curve is very short.  I would highly recommend this survey software for all land surveyors.” David Holland, Glen Allen, VA

Randy Green

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“Bought a popular “CAD” program in 2004.  After two months of struggling, tossed it and bought Traverse PC…I haven’t looked back…This program does everything I need and much more”. “Tech support, if you should need it, is prompt, personal, and from the guys that wrote the program..By the way, they are surveyors also!” Randy Green, Humbolt, TN

George Anderson

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I have used TPC since Version 1.0, both the office and the data collection versions. While I have had my issues with TPC (mostly my own stupidity) I keep coming back (usually after a couple days…). Their tutorials are on spot, their learning videos are very helpful and their support is the best software support I have ever had. Even in this economy I have kept the support up for that reason, and their updates are excellent, they even make … Read More

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