Review: Traverse PC 2010


Bruce Anderson reviews TPC Desktop 2010 in the July 2010 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine. Displayed with permission. Copyright 2010 Flatdog Media , Inc.

Traverse PC in the Arctic


Bob Holtkamp who uses Traverse PC to clean up the DEW (Defense Early Warning) line high in the arctic. December 2009 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine,

Alligators and Snakes


See how Donald Todd uses Traverse PC in Avoid the Alligators & Snakes . The December 2007 issue of The American Surveyor Magazine has a great article about a GLO survey in Florida.

20 Years of Traversing


20 Years of Traversing . “Over the years, Traverse PC has found a niche with its non-CAD software, and it now celebrates 20 years in business. Oh, and they do surveying too.” September 2007 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine

No CAD Zone


Do Surveyors Need an Alternative to CAD? : Traverse PC and its customers talk about the No CAD Zone  Tom Gibson in the November 2006 edition of Professional Surveyor Magazine

Universal Map Sharing


John Balcom reviews Universal Map Sharing and the other features of TPC Desktop 6.5. January 2004 edition of Professional Surveyor Magazine

A Visit to Traverse PC

PSM January 2003

A Visit to Traverse PC in the January 2003 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine. Read in post.

Traverse PC 5.0

PSM Nov 2002

Traverse PC 5.0 in the November 2002 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine. Read in post.