eNewsletter: May 2018

  Traverse PC Land Survey Software… From Your Point of View TPC Desktop 2018 Release 1 is Now Available! Streamline Your Workflows We’re taking a fresh new approach to some of the things you do every day in order to streamline your workflows. Our goal is your goal – take a project from beginning to end as efficiently as possible. So whether you are writing legal descriptions, adding crows feet to a drawing, labeling curves and spirals or platting your next subdivision, TPC Desktop 2018 Release 1 will help you streamline your workflows because it works like you think. Technical Support Web Form – It’s FREE Need help using TPC?  Use our on-line Technical Support web form. It’s always available and it’s FREE. Just let us know who you are and how to contact you.  Then tell us how we can help and attach

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eNewsletter: April 2018

Legal Description Phrases

  TPC Desktop 2018 Release 1 – Sneak Peek Videos Phrase Driven Legal Descriptions (2:25) Surface Exclusions (1:24) Crows Feet (3:30) Multi-Line Curve Labels (1:12) Prioritizing Traverse Drawing Settings (2:45) Coming in April! April Webinar Phrase Driven Legal Descriptions in Depth April 25 & 26 Styles Sequence Phrases Geometric Phrases Nested Phrases Using placeholders to insert data Traverses define the parcels Specifying Point of Commencement and Point of Beginning Q&A New TPC Maps in Our Map Gallery! Tom Wawrzeniak uses Traverse PC to create Wetland and Stream Riparian Zones maps Tom Wawrzeniak also creates Subdivision Site Plans in Hyde Park, VT Tammy Kaber does Land Division Surveys with Easements in Gila, NM See Us at the Arkansas Spring Conference! April 19-20 ASPS Little Rock, Arkansas Stop by our booth and say hi! Bring in some TPC drawings and we’ll display them in our booth. Office Hours

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eNewsletter: March 2018

Surface Exclusion

  Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Certificates Attend one of our live webinars and you can request a CEU Certificate. During the live webinar, we’ll include three letter codes. After the webinar, we’ll send you an on-line form. Submit the codes and payment and we’ll send you a certificate. Certificates are free to TPC Connection memebers. Others will pay $150 / webinar. Submit the certificate to your state for 1 hour of CEU credits. March Webinar What’s new in TPC Desktop 2018 R1 March 28 & 29 Phrase driven Legal Descriptions Surfaces – Exclusions Sneak Peek (1:24) – Polyfacemesh layer Crows feet Multi-line Curve/Spiral Labels Sneak Peek (1:12) Prioritize control point and side shot drawing settings AutoCAD 2018 support Q&A See Us at These State Conferences March 21-23   LSPS  Marksville, Louisiana April 19-20   ASPS  Little Rock, Arkansas Stop by our booth and say hi. Bring in some TPC drawings

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eNewsletter: February 2018

Planning Webinar

  Support is Ending for TPC Desktop 2015 We will no longer be maintaining TPC Desktop 2015 after February 2018. We do this when the technologies a version uses become obsolete (updates to your computer’s hardware or OS may cause parts of TPC to stop working properly). You are welcome to continue using your copy of TPC Desktop 2015, but we want to offer you one last chance to get current. and update to TPC Desktop 2018. call 800.460.3002  offer expires 2/28/18 TPC Webinar – Planning Workflows February 21 & 22 We’ll take a look at the planning and approval process for a parking lot, all the way from the site survey through the construction phases. TPC has some really great tools for creating and revising all aspects of the process. Site Survey Parking Layout Grading & Drainage Pavement & Curbing Swales & Landscaping Overhead Lighting

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eNewsletter: January 2018

CAD Workflows Webinar

  Announcing TPC Desktop 2018 released January 3rd This version of TPC is all about improving your workflows.We’ve taken a look at some of the most common workflows and asked, How can we make this more efficient? This has led to fewer steps, greater consistency and better results in TPC Desktop 2018.Here are some examples of how TPC is improving your workflows. You’re reconciling a project you did years ago, before GPS with a new project. An architect sends you a drawing in inches and your survey is in feet. You get a GIS file that is in ground coordinates and you’re survey is in State Plane. You want to bring GPS/GNSS data into your survey that’s on a local grid. We all run into these situations. We need to get everything on the same basis (position, orientation, scale, coordinates, etc.). It’s not quite as

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eNewsletter: December, 2017

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2018! We hope 2017 was a good year for you and wish you all the best in the new one. 2017 was a good year for us. We celebrated our 30-year anniversary. In 1987, we set out to write surveying software for surveyors that is practical, innovative and fun to use. That original vision has guided us for the past 30 years and is still our focus today. So if you have been with us during these past 30 years – Thank You!  If you are thinking about joining us for the next 30 years – Welcome! We will be closed December 25th & 26th January 1st Regular office hours are 7 AM to Noon, 1 PM to 4PM Monday through Friday (PST) Join Traverse PC Traverse PC Users Group General Discussion Group Learning Center If you no longer

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eNewsletter: August 2017

Import GIS Onto Current Layer

  Office Hours 7 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 4 PM (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). We will be closed Friday, September 1- Monday, September 4 for Labor Day Join Traverse PC If you own TPC, join the Traverse PC Users group. If you’re interested in TPC, join the General Discussion group. Learn how to streamline your workflows in the NEW Learning Center Announcing TPC Desktop v17.2 This update of TPC Desktop includes dozens of enhancements to streamline your workflows. Like importing geographic shape files (contain geodetic positions instead of coordinates) with or without a Projection (.prj) file. Discover other ways TPC Desktop v17.2 can streamline your workflows. I would like to Explore the new Learning Center Find out What’s New Schedule an on-line demonstration or request a download If you no longer wish to receive these emails, simply click on the following link Unsubscribe. ©2017 Traverse

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eNewsletter: June 2017

  Office Hours (We will be closed July 3rd and 4th) 7 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 4 PM (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Join Traverse PC If you own TPC, join the Traverse PC Users group. If you’re interested in TPC, join the General Discussion group. Learn how to draw scale breaks in the NEW Learning Center Announcing TPC Desktop v17.1 This update of TPC Desktop includes dozens of enhancements to streamline your workflows. Like saving individual traverse reports and converting CAD entities to survey points directly from the CAD View. And you’ll find short tutorials, like this one for scale breaks, in our new Learning Center. I would like to Explore the new Learning Center Find out What’s New Schedule an on-line demonstration or request a download If you no longer wish to receive these emails, simply click on the following link Unsubscribe. ©2017 Traverse PC,

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eNewsletter: May, 2017

Decimal Line Spacing Legends And Tables

eNewsletter – May, 2017 John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2017 R1 Released!, Mark Lull: CAD View Improvements, Oliver Bochsler: Traverse Reports, Eric Tanikawa: Agile Releases – A TPC Connection  Perk John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2017 R1 Released! We released TPC Desktop 2017 R1 on May 15th to our TPC Connection members. If you are on the TPC Connection, you should have already received your download instructions and we hope you are enjoying it. Agile Releases, like this one, are available only to our TPC Connection members and usually include things our users have asked for. This release is no exception. Here are a few of them. Set Elevations to Zero on Import – Some of you import coordinates from systems that use very large negative or positive values for missing elevations. A new option in the Import settings tells TPC to look for these extreme

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eNewsletter: April, 2017

TPC Desktop 2017 R1 - New Point Symbols

eNewsletter – April, 2017 John Balcom: Another Surveyor Walks Away From CAD, Mark Lull: Drawing View Enhancements, Oliver Bochsler: Convert to Survey in the CAD View, Eric Tanikawa: Real Land Surveyor’s Corn Bread (With Smoked Bacon) John Balcom: Another Surveyor Walks Away From CAD Last week, I was on the phone with Scott, a long time TPC user. He started the conversation with , “I’m not updating my CAD program. I’m now doing all my drawings in TPC”. The week before that, I was at a training session for some of our BLM users and asked if they were still using CAPD (their BLM drafting program) for their drawings. Several of them answered, “Nope, we’re doing all our plats in TPC”. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of TPC users have walked away from CAD. We hear the same story every day. Only

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eNewsletter: March, 2017

TPC Learning Center Workflows Tab

eNewsletter – March, 2017 John Balcom: The New TPC Desktop Learning Center We are pleased to announce the new TPC Desktop Learning Center. This is the place to come when you want to discover and evaluate TPC or learn how to use it better. We’ve combined videos, learning guides, help topics, web pages and on-line resources in one place. Organized by Functionality We’ve started with over 30 broad topics for you to choose from. Open the tab for the topic you’re looking for then expand the individual section you want. Everything is just a couple of clicks away, so you don’t have to look very far for what you want. Helping You Learn In recent newsletters, we’ve told you about our commitment to provide the help you need, when you need it. We recently added hundreds of help topics for TPC’s messages. The new

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eNewsletter: February, 2017

Greg Clark, PLS & PE

eNewsletter – February, 2017 John Balcom: A Little Consistency Goes a Long Way, Mark Lull: I Told You So!, Oliver Bochsler: Leader Enhancements, Eric Tanikawa: Pennsylvania Visit and Chocolate! John Balcom: A Little Consistency Goes a Long Way We continue making TPC Desktop easier for you to learn and use. TPC Desktop 2017 (released January 30th, 2017) is no exception. It includes a number of changes implemented specifically with this goal in mind. Help When You Need It – Last November, before TPC Desktop 2017 was released, I told you about our new Help When You Need It. All the prompts that pop up and ask you to press Yes, No or Cancel, now include a help topic that explains why you got the warning and what to do about it. Before it was all done, we had added over 200 new help topics

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eNewsletter: January, 2017

Stacked and Perpendicular to Alignment

eNewsletter – January, 2017 Mark Lull: TPC Desktop 2017 – The Best Release Ever! Wow! What an honor! I got this entire newsletter to myself! Why? I stated in my last newsletter article that, “No other software can do what we do”. Well, as we wrap up TPC Desktop 2017 and get it ready for release, everyone here at Traverse PC keeps ribbing me for saying, “this is the best release ever”. I bring it up just about every time we talk about it. I’ll let them have their fun, but I’m standing my ground. This really is the best release ever. I’m on the phone every day, helping someone learn to use TPC Desktop better. So I’m always looking for ways to help make TPC Desktop fast, fun and friendly for the folks who use it. I’m always lobbying for tools that elevate

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eNewsletter: November, 2016

Font Context Menu

eNewsletter – November, 2016 John Balcom: Help When You Need It, Oliver Bochsler: New Font Tools, Mark Lull: Improving Workflow and Efficiency, Eric Tanikawa: New Subscription Options John Balcom: Help When You Need It Here at Traverse PC, we have been evaluating potential road blocks to learning and using TPC. Those moments when you have to break stride to figure out how and why TPC did or didn’t do something you thought it should or shouldn’t have done. We know these are inherent in any software, but we want to minimize them so you can work confidently and efficiently with TPC. We just added 187+ help topics for the pop-up message windows in TPC. These windows include a new Help button that opens a corresponding help topic. The help topics tell you why TPC did what it just did, how you might correct it

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eNewsletter: October, 2016

Candice, Eric, Bruce

eNewsletter – October, 2016  John Balcom: Font Conversion, Mark Lull: Traverse Drawing Settings, Oliver Bochsler: TPC’s Hotlinks, Eric Tanikawa: Texas Visit and BBQ! John Balcom: Font Conversion We recently posted a hot fix to TPC Desktop 2016 R2 that had just one addition that a user needed to clean up a printer driver issue – Convert Fonts. Once you have the latest update to TPC Desktop 2016 R2, in the Drawing View, choose Tools | Convert Fonts and TPC will display a dialog that: Shows all the fonts used in the drawing and lets you select one in the From list All the text objects that use that font get delineated in the drawing so you can see what you will be changing. You can change the font used by all those items by selecting a different font in the To list. There is

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eNewsletter: September, 2016

eNewsletter – September, 2016 John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2016 R2 Is Ready, Mark Lull: Your TPC Desktop License, Oliver Bochsler: TPC Desktop 2017, Eric Tanikawa: Let’s Tailgate! John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2016 R2 Is Ready TPC Desktop 2016 R2 is ready. If you are on the TPC Connection, you’ve already received your download instructions and we hope you are already enjoying it. This release of TPC Desktop is all about SPEED. You can now work comfortably with larger surveys. Example – 50K Point Survey Task X faster (2016 R1 / 2016 R2 times in seconds) Open Survey 9X faster (41.2 sec / 4.8 sec) Open Traverse View 93X faster (65.0 sec / 0.70 sec) Regenerate Drawing 134X faster (470.4 sec / 3.5 sec) Example – 1.3M Point Survey Task X faster (2016 R1 / 2016 R2 times in seconds) Import 1.3M Points 71X faster

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eNewsletter: August, 2016

Message View Messages

eNewsletter – August, 2016  John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2016 R2 Beta Release, Eric Tanikawa: The Value of On-Line Training! Mark Lull: Traverse PC’s Message View, Oliver Bochsler: SSDs – A Computing Experience John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2016 R2 Beta Release Our next agile release focuses on speeding up parts of the program that run slow in surveys with lots of points, like LIDAR data. The Points Manager is a good example. In previous versions, just opening the Points Manager in a survey with 50,000 points took just over a minute. In this release, it’s almost instantaneous. The Traverse and Drawing views have similar results. So working with these files in the next release is just a better overall experience. Some of you have been working with larger surveys inside TPC and are eagerly waiting for this release. Our plan is to get it out to you in the

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eNewsletter: July, 2016

eNewsletter – July, 2016  John Balcom: TPC’s Perpetual License vs Subscriptions, Eric Tanikawa: Yes We Do!, Oliver Bochsler: Turbocharging TPC, Mark Lull: Deleting Points John Balcom: TPC’s Perpetual License vs Subscriptions Here at Traverse PC, we are looking at moving some of our corporate data into the cloud. We sometimes work from remote locations, so cloud access would be convenient, but there are other reasons too, like not maintaining local servers, backups and IT expertise. We will probably end up with a hybrid system where some data is local and some is off-site. We’re just working on it now, so we don’t know yet where we will end up. We have selected a service provider and are negotiating the cost now. It’s a subscription. So each month we pay for the service we use, along with $300/mo for support. That’s what prompted this article

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eNewsletter: June, 2016

eNewsletter – June, 2016 John Balcom: The TPC Connection Is Evolving, Mark Lull: I Waited and Waited but now, I’m All In!, Oliver Bochsler: Window’s Shadow Copies, Eric Tanikawa: Grilled BBQ Teriyaki Chicken Thighs John Balcom: The TPC Connection Is Evolving It’s been a long time since we shipped a program CD with a TPC Connection renewal. Most folks just download the updates from our web site or use the automatic update feature that’s built into TPC. We have also been moving to online learning guides. You can still install them along with the program, but you don’t need to. By default, they open up online. This allows us to keep them up to date with all the agile release changes and add new ones like the Import / Export Learning Guide we just added. We’ve heard some good feedback from our users on

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eNewsletter: May, 2016

eNewsletter – May, 2016  John Balcom – TPC Desktop 2016 R1 Drawing Tools, Eric Tanikawa – Did you Miss the Boat?, Oliver Bochsler – What Lies Between the Boundaries?, Mark Lull – Automatic Merging of Program Data John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2016 R1 Drawing Tools Last week was fun. I talked with a number of TPC users who said something to this effect, “I can’t tell you how much I enjoy doing my drawings in TPC”. They said it out of the blue – unsolicited. They were enjoying using TPC and wanted us to know. Of course, it’s always fun to hear that someone likes your product or service, but all their comments were about their TPC drawings. They were doing lots of them and really enjoying it. Wow! Conversations like these are why we continue to improve TPC’s drawing capabilities. In the latest

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