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eNewsletter: April, 2016

Editing CRS Files

eNewsletter – April, 2016  John Balcom – Best Fit Curve, Mark Lull – Coordinate Reference Systems, Oliver Bochsler – Sending Large Files, Eric Tanikawa – We’ve Got Your Back! John Balcom: Best Fit Curve Last month, I wrote about the new Fit Horizontal Line routine in TPC 2016 R1 (which will soon be released to TPC Connection members only). This month I want to tell you about the Fit Horizontal Curve routine. Traverse PC has had a best fit curve routine almost since day one. We kept that functionality in the Average Between First and Last option and rounded it out with the Least Squares option along withSummary and Undo. Least Squares This is a minimally constrained solution, so the end points of the curve can vary as needed to create the best fit. Once the curve is computed, TPC computes the end points

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eNewsletter: March, 2016

Horizontal Line Fit

eNewsletter – March, 2016 John Balcom – Best Fit Line, Mark Lull – Learning Guides, Oliver Bochsler – Better By Design, Eric Tanikawa – TPC Connection Offer John Balcom: Best Fit Line TPC 2016 R1 includes a new Fit Horizontal Line routine. Tie any number of points that reference a line and TPC will create the best fit line using one of three methods. Least Squares – This is a minimally constrained solution, so the end point of the line can vary as needed to create the best fit. Once the line is computed, TPC computes the end points of the line so that they are as close a possible to the first and last selected points. Fixed Bearing – Compute the best fit line at a fixed bearing. If you are fitting a boundary line that is parallel to a road center line, this

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eNewsletter: February, 2016

Translate Drawing Objects via COGO

eNewsletter – February, 2016 President’s Message: Rotating and Translating Drawing Objects via COGO, Oliver Bochsler – New CRS Folder and Files, Eric Tanikawa – Surveyor Soup (PBJ: Potato, Bacon and Jalapeno No! It is not Peanut Butter & Jelly) President’s Message: Rotating and Translating Drawing Objects via COGO We just slipped a new feature into V16.0.4 because we wanted you to have it. When you translate and rotate via COGO, you can include drawing survey space objects. TPC will translate and rotate survey space drawing objects you added to the drawings. This is a great tool for those of you who start with a survey created on a local grid and moving it to a geodetic position so you can integrate it with GIS, GNSS and Google Earth. The trick is the What list. If you select Entire Survey or Entire Drawing and turn on the [x]

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eNewsletter: January, 2016

January, 2016 eNewsletter

eNewsletter – January, 2016 President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2016 Videos, Mark Lull: Undo / Redo on Import, Oliver Bochsler: Relabel Points, Eric Tanikawa: Update your old Traverse PC   President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2016 Videos TPC Desktop 2016 shipped on Jan 12th. It has lots of new features, including the new CAD View. We think you’re really going to like it. If you are on the TPC Connection, you have already received an email with the download link and your new serial number and validation key. To help you get up and running with TPC Desktop 2016, we put together 14 videos on some of the new features. Most are just a few minutes long, cover one topic and don’t go into a lot of detail. Instead, they show you what’s new, where to find it and how to get started using it. We’ve included the

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