Subdivision Plat

EdgeMeadowsPhase1stakingsheet.pdf   Here is the final plat. MeadowsPh1FinalPlatSheet2.pdf     Traverse PC was use for all calculations and drafting. It simply does everything I need it to do. This is a copy of my staking worksheet. It was used in the field to indicate coordinate points and show control points while setting pins. I updated … Read more

“It’s got everything I need to do all my projects”

ALTA Hawthorne 171219A

“I strictly run TPC and nothing else. Got rid of my other products years ago. It’s got everything I need to do all my projects. It’s always up-to-date, so delivering to clients in other formats has never been an issue.” Sergio J. A. Sanchez, LSIT

“I really appreciate the great support from you over the years.”


  View PDF   “Your instructions were very concise and accurate, as usual. I was able to create the detail drawing the first time through. I really appreciate the great support from you and John over the years. I have attached the plat.”    Ed Barnett, Washington, Indiana  

Gary Ganjon and Keith Heindel

“When opening our new land surveying business in the fall of 2007, we made the choice to go with a major survey software provider based on an AutoCAD engine. After a whole day of struggling to get a finished drawing out for our client, we loaded up a trial version of Traverse PC v8.0 (TPC) … Read more

Anthony Failla

Traverse PC Desktop Tony Failla Map 1

My client needed a site plan to replace an existing composite deck with a new shelter between existing tennis courts. These projects are quite simple when you take advantage of the Layers capabilities included with Traverse PC. I am able to produce quality, color drawings that make a lasting impression on my clients. The days … Read more

Bechaver: Site

Bechaver Site

I taught myself how to run TPC. I had no experience with any other CADD system, so I found it to be very surveyor friendly. We use it for every aspect of our business and have produced excellent plats”. “TPC staff has been great to work with. Billy Bechaver, Senior Survey Technician, Wachob & Wachob, … Read more

Barry: Subdivision

The Overlook at Sugar Grove

We use Traverse PC for all maps that we produce, and have found the process of preparing a map to be much more efficient than using other programs. It’s also great to use the same program on the desktop as we use for data collection in the field. The cost is reasonable also, and we … Read more

Carlson: ALTA/ACSM

Steve Carlson map

See this map by Steven Carlson of Ashville, N.Y. in the April ’06 issue of The American Surveyor View PDF in post

Stiles: Exhibit B

Stiles Exhibit B

I have been a Traverse PC user for over 10 years and I am completely satisfied with their surveying software. I can produce maps very quickly and of a quality that I am proud of.  Their software is easy to use and their technical support is outstanding. Leonard C. (Bus ) Stiles, Orange, CA View … Read more

Todd: Survey of 1855

Todd: 1855

If you’re not using TPC, you’re a dumb a_ _ .  February ’06 issue of American Surveyor Donald Todd, Green Acres, FL View PDF in post

Spurlock: Dependent Survey

Spurlock: Dependent Survey

Here is my 1st successful attempt at completing a complicated drawing totally within TPC. Not that we could not make drawings in past, just  never could get the look I was seeking. All of my past surveys have been resolved using TPC, but we had been finalizing in CAD. Looks like we won’t be utilizing CAD … Read more



Traverse-PC is easy to learn & use. It is common sense logical. I was able to create drawings after a couple hours instruction. The software produces quality drawings & the tech support, for questions regarding the ‘fine’ points in the learning curve, is excellent. The TPC people are open to suggestions to incorporate into future … Read more