Creating Surfaces From Traverses: Sneak Peek

Surface Dialog For Traverse

Computing volumes between surfaces is simple with traverses?   Traverses Are The Key Computing volumes between two surfaces is inherently complex.  There is just a lot to it, no matter which software you use. But Traverse PC’s traverses bring the job back to earth with traverses.

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Surface Exclusions: Sneak Peek

Surface Exclusion

Need to exclude a building pad so contours don’t run through it?   Editing a Surface is Easy in TPC Editing a surface in TPC is as easy as clicking inside a triangle or selecting a traverse.

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Export Surface to CAD: Sneak Peek

Export Surface Sneak Peek

Are you ready to share your surface with the project’s CAD users?   CAD Ready Surface TPC exports more than just a pretty picture for a surface. It writes out the Polyfacemesh with triangles, exclusions, layers, contour lines as if it had been created in CAD.  They will work with the exact same surface you are using in TPC.  So computations for things like volumes and slope analysis will always be spot on.

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Surfaces: Sneak Peek

Are you worried that surfaces might be too hard to learn?   Wickedly Simple Traverse PC’s surfaces are wickedly simple. Just select the points or traverse you want to include and TPC does the rest. Including a surface should be really easy, and with TPC, it is.

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