Dennis Michael, PLS – Fruitland, IA

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“I’ve been using Traverse PC in my new business for almost a year now.  It was very easy for me to understand and I was up and running, creating professional looking plats in no time. “The staff is very knowledgeable and there to help you if/when you need it.  One of the best decisions that I have made! “Thanks TPC!“ Dennis Michael, PLS Fruitland, IA

Bob Holtkamp D.E.W.

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2007 – 2013 I’m working in the high Arctic on a project called the DEW Line Clean Up (DLCU). DEW is an acronym for Distant Early Warning systems. Which is a joint project of the Canadian and American military. When the Cold War began in the early 50’s we decided we needed some sort of protective warning system in case the Russians were to attack us from the North so we constructed a line of radar facilities in the high … Read More

Doug Richmond, LS, CFM – Fredericksburg, VA

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“I’ve used Traverse PC since the early 90’s and I’m continually impressed by their commitment to upgrade the program and its ability to exchange data with AutoCAD, Micro station, Civil 3D, and Google.  It’s very easy to complete a finished product.” Doug Richmond, LS, CFM – Fredericksburg, VA

Jim Riotto LS – Paradise, CA

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“I have been using Traverse PC for a number of years and know it’s a great program, however, I didn’t realize how very accurate the computations were, especially with regards to curves and their included / excluded areas. Had the occasion to check a final map with numerous curves along the frontage of the lots that had been compiled using AutoCAD. The number of discrepancies that were found in the curve data and the lot areas was astonishing.  Thank you … Read More

Paul W Hannan LS – Planfield, VT

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Ok, so yes I’m bragging about my daughter, but I also think Traverse P-C should be proud that they’ve made a program so easy that even a 10 year old can pick it up quickly and create her 5th grade geography project using it.  I gave her minimal instruction and helped her find the base map, but she really did this all herself.  Her “project description” up in the corner tells what she did. Paul W Hannan LS – Planfield, … Read More

James A. Coan Sr. PLS, CFedS – Renton, WA

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I recently completed a complex survey involving several lots, easements, and rights of way using Traverse PC. My survey was pin to Washington State plane coordinate system North zone. Upon completion I created a KML file and brought it into Google Earth. I did this for two reasons; first, I wanted to look at my survey on Google Earth and check to see if there were any blunders that I could detect. By looking at my line work on top … Read More

Greg Spurlock – Greshan, OR

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Attached is my 1st successful attempt at completing a complicated drawing totally within TPC.  Not that we could not make drawings in the past, just never could get the look I was seeking.   All of my past surveys have been resolved using TPC, but we had been finalizing in CAD.  Looks like we won’t be utilizing CAD programs any more for boundary mappings.   I estimate a significant cost savings looking forward. Greg Spurlock – Greshan, OR

John D. Lewis – Meadows of Dan, VA

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“I worked almost 20 years for a large corporation that used Land Surveying software other than Traverse PC. I constantly had to attend classes to learn the software and every change with new additions and I decided that there had to be better software somewhere. I left that large corporation in 2001 to go into business as co-owner of Fork Mountain Surveying and Mapping Inc. located in Meadows of Dan, VA and I hit the ground running with Traverse PC. … Read More

Randy Green

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“Bought a popular “CAD” program in 2004.  After two months of struggling, tossed it and bought Traverse PC…I haven’t looked back…This program does everything I need and much more”. “Tech support, if you should need it, is prompt, personal, and from the guys that wrote the program..By the way, they are surveyors also!” Randy Green, Humbolt, TN

Dave Terry

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Dave has worked for PG&E for 29 years. He is currently Senior Inspector, directing and coordinating construction and planning surveys throughout California. He also coordinates and directs Diving Operations across PG&E ‘s service territory in lakes and waterways, both on and offshore . Dave Terry, Pacific Gas & Electric, Anderson, CA From Professional Surveyor Magazine, 2006 Q: How long have you used Traverse PC? A: 2 years. Q: What CAD software have you used in the past for surveying? A: … Read More

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