I’m on my 4th year of TPC and highly recommend it. I would download a trial copy and work through some of the examples they have in the Learning Guides. You will have to get out of the CAD mind set. Even though it has some CAD capabilities this is not a CAD program. It uses your data (point id, horz, vert, description) to generate the information and drawings for you. The program is very flexible in how to represent the information & drawings. You decide how you want it. Excellent tech support. Also, the company designing this program is a land surveying firm so they are using what they design. Not salesmen selling something that they don’t use themselves. They try to incorporate user suggestions and if you find a problem or bug they want to know about it and correct it. Give it an honest try and I think you will like it.

Cliff Tuck, Tuck Land Surveying, Mountain Home, AR