Traverse PC welcomes those who are willing to promote our products.

Refer TPC to a friend or become a TPC Reseller.   Reseller Brochure PDF


10% Compensation

Most of TPC sales come from word of mouth. Someone who uses TPC and likes it, tells someone else about it and they buy it – that’s a referral.

If you can refer someone, we will credit you with a 10% finder’s fee when it leads to a sale.

Send Them a Link to TPC

A quick an easy way to refer someone to TPC is to ask if you can email them a link to one of our web pages. Just open one of TPC’s web pages in your browser then copy and paste the URL into an email and send it. TPC’s videos are great for this.

Present TPC at a Chapter Meeting or State Conference

Many of you attend your local surveyor chapter meetings and state conferences. They are always looking for presentations. So why not present TPC and hand out your business card so they know who to put down for the referral. Click on the Presentation tab to get help with your presentation.


20% Compensation

If you can visit someone’s office or have them come to your office and give them a hands-on demonstration, we will be happy to complete the sale and credit you with 20% of the sale. We have names of people in your area who have expressed an interest in TPC and would be happy to pass these on to you. So many TPC users have said they didn’t really understand what TPC could do until someone showed them.

Title Companies

Our Personal Edition is perfect for title companies. They can enter a legal description ,get an area, check a closure or reconcile a bearing or distance call on a bad photo copy. The next time you are in, take your notebook computer and show them how you used TPC to create the mortgage inspection survey you are submitting. Show them how easy it is to enter a property boundary and generate a map. You could get a 20% compensation for your time.


30% Compensation

If you can do it all – find someone who is looking for software, present TPC to them and close the sale – we’ll credit you with 30% of the sale. Just call, fax or email us the order information. We’ll take care of the billing, ship the program and issue them a serial number and key code so they can start using TPC right away.


Are you helping someone get started with their own survey business?  Do you have an engineering client that needs to add some surveying capabilities to their office? These are great times to walk them all the way through the process of purchasing TPC. They’ll get just what they need, and you’ll get a 30% compensation. It’s a win-win.


To get your compensation, have that person fill out the contact form on the right and enter your name in the Referred By field at the bottom. When TPC receives payment for a resulting sale, we’ll send you a compensation check or let you apply the compensation toward your TPCC renewal.

Example: So let’s say to were part of a sale of TPC Desktop Professional (download only) for $1500. You could get compensated from $150 to $450.

10% compensation for referral = $150

20% compensation for demo = $300

30% compensation for sales = $450


All of the resources you need are right here, on-line.

Brochure – get a quick overview of what TPC is and does.

Videos – we have 100+ videos on-line

Learning Guides – copies of the latest learning guides are available on-line.

Blogs – include the latest articles, new letters, testimonials, maps and news.

What’s New – see what’s new in each version.


We can’t tell you exactly how to present TPC. That’s ultimately up to you. But we can offer a suggestion or two.

Use our Videos

We suggest using your laptop computer and a video projector to show some of our recorded videos.

These videos zoom in on parts of the screen so even the folks in the back of the room can see what is happening. Plus, the cursor has a yellow highlight around it, so everyone can follow along, each step of the way.

Walk through a mortgage survey start to finish

This 8 part video series walks through a typical mortgage survey all they way from wondering how to get started to a finished map. You can show all the videos in a one hour presentation or pick and choose just the pieces you want.

Pick a topic everyone is interested in

We use play lists on our YouTube channel to group the videos together. This makes it easy to find a topic of interest.

You might use the playlist for Lot Setbacks. Everyone runs into setbacks, and these 2 videos are just 5 and 9 minutes, but they cover a lot of ground.

Or show the videos in the LandXML playlist. These 6 videos show how you can use TPC to share data with Civil3D and other LandXML ready applications.

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