Convert Local to GNSS CRS

We show you how to convert an existing survey from local grid to GNSS CRS so you can do stakeout.

Recorded Webinar (26:17)

Introduce Project (0:00)

  1. Introduce Project
  2. Enter foundation in local coordinates from PDF
  3. Enter feet, inches, 16ths


  • ODOT no access fees yet
  • enter username and password in emlid Flow
  • tell contractor hub & nail are golf ball size accurate
  • he’s OK with that

    Create emlid Flow Project (8:57)

    • NAD83 Oregon South, Feet
    • Import control points from TPC survey (10:05)

    Tie GNSS Points in Field (10:42)

    • GNSS point = survey point
    • Set survey CRS to match GNSS CRS
    • Import GNSS points into TPC
    • Import just Fixed points (14:00)

    Create Calibration (16:15)

    • Create calibration from imported GNSS points
    • Reverse direction to get Local to GNSS

    Reverse Calibrate Survey (18:16)

    • Calibrate imported traverse GNSS to Survey (14:40)
      • This show GNSS points at local. Undo it.
    • Calibrate entire survey to GNSS (19:20)
    • Use Stakeout Report to check GNSS ties (20:00)

    Export for Stakeout (22:33)

    • Export foundation points as emlid CSV
    • Show stakeout points in emlid flow – ready for field work
    Convert Local to GNSS CRS (26:17)