Difficult Boundary Survey Drawn Completely in Traverse PC

We are a small company in Northeast Florida that prides itself on providing our clients with quality services.

We recently completed a difficult boundary survey map which was drawn completely in Traverse PC. This survey started out much like many; however, it quickly changed once we realized that monumented parcels did not agree entirely with written legal descriptions. After making a field survey and comparing measured directions and distances with the called-for record directions and distances, we discovered that multiple section lines and points were being utilized for many of the land descriptions of the several adjacent parcels of land. We found evidence for multiple locations for the section line on the south and the Southeast Corner of the Section. Based on the written descriptions, the parcels of land we surveyed should have had at least one contiguous line running between those parcels, but the monumented parcels had a hiatus between them. The monumented parcels we surveyed have existed for over 35 years, along with some of their adjacent parcels.

Your software helped us better manage this survey’s points and lines and put together the parcels of land better than the other software products we use.

After the survey map was completed, the client asked us to separate the survey into two maps, and Traverse PC made this a simple operation.

Thank you,

Wes Cannady

President, JW Cannady Surveying Inc.