Drone Survey with Traverse PC

I surveyed my parents property and we flew the site with our drone to create the ortho image. Traverse PC was used to prepare the map showing the survey overlaid on the ortho image.

My dad bought the property in 1972 and I helped him build his house when I was in high school.

For years, I offered to survey his property, but he always said “no, not now”. I think he knew he was encroaching across several of the property lines, and he didn’t want it found out. After my parents passed in 2017, the estate desired to sell the property for the best value. I then surveyed the property, flew it with our drone system and used Traverse PC to prepare a site plan, a boundary survey, an orthophoto overlay, and contours. I also created several development options to present to prospective buyers. Today the property is a 10-lot subdivision with new houses being built.

The deeds and plats dated back to the 50’s and 60’s, and as we often find, they had conflicting courses and different basis of bearing. Traverse PC allowed me to decipher the various historic surveys by having each survey represented by a different traverse, depicted in different colors, and I could easily rotate and shift the various surveys to obtain a best fit to found old survey monumentation.

It’s not just the final product of a survey plat that makes Traverse PC a great tool. It’s all the stuff in the background that the client never sees but is a valuable tool for the surveyor. The worksheets, the coordinates, the ability to modify traverses, and being able to easily follow up and expand your previous surveys.  And then it is always easy to proceed to the final product.  I think creating worksheet drawings in Traverse PC is the biggest benefit in figuring out complex surveys. I can make notes to myself regarding decisions made on boundaries and how I matched into monumentation, which is really helpful when years later I come back and look at a survey and say what the heck did I do…

Oh, and with TPC Connection, I’m only a phone call away from assistance when I have an issue or question, and when I talk to tech support, they understand survey speak!

Daryl Crites, Durango, CO



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