Our Learning Center put’s all our training tools in one convenient place. We take pride in providing quality self-training that fit’s anyone’s learning style and covering every topic and capability. Whether your a visual learner, prefer to poor over the details, or like a step-by-step approach we’ve developed training tools to fit your needs.

Visual learners will prefer our short Workflow videos and longer in-depth videos when you want take a deep dive on a subject.

Detail oriented users may prefer our Help Topics Guide, which is the detailed manual to TPC Desktop. It’s all in there!

Those users who like a step-by-step, cookbook-type learning style will likely prefer our Learning Guides.

No matter how you learn, we have a learning solution for you.

As always, our MSE, LS, GISP certified staff is available to walk you through any questions you might have over the phone or email

Quick Start Guide

Start here to learn how to use TPC Desktop fast and easy.


In-depth videos where you watch as we walk you through the steps.

Learning Guides

Cookbook steps and pictures to walk you through steps.


Very short Videos that show common workflows and tasks.
Includes sample workflows which help you learn which TPC Desktop tools to learn and use for your surveys.

User Forum

Learn in community, ask current users how they do it.

Help Topics

Like the old manuals – everything is in here and easy to search.

Walk Through a Survey

We take you step-by-step through a simple survey.

Recorded Webinars

choose a topic, grab a cup of coffee and take a deep dive into TPC Desktop’s features and capabilities.

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