Traditional CAD wasn’t designed with land surveyors in mind


CAD was designed for architects and engineers to design infrastructure, and it is great at what it was created to do. For land surveyors however, traditional CAD was never been the best solution because a land surveyor’s job is not primarily to design.

Land surveyors start by measuring what is already there. That’s the fundamental difference between how land surveyors work and what CAD is designed to do.

TPC Desktop, on the other hand, was designed from the ground up as a land surveying software package. With TPC Desktop our own drawing engine creates the map from the land surveyor’s data.

TPC Desktop was also designed to be fully CAD-compatible. It reads and writes fully CAD-compatible files so there is never an issue of exchanging files with other programs or creating CAD file deliverables. TPC Desktop can import/export the following file types:

  • DWG
  • DXF
  • DGN
  • SHP
  • LandXML


If you are tired of the traditional CAD paradigm and would like to break free of it, contact us at 800-460-3002 to talk to a real person or fill out the form to get all of the answers you need.


Thomas Wawrzeniak - AMH C1-11 WETLAND & STREAM RIPARIAN ZONES 7-26-17

Wetland and Stream Riparian Zones

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