Check Closure and Adjust Coordinates (8:42)

Easy Closure Check

Checking your closure and adjusting your data whenever needed should be easy. With TPC Desktop it is! Adjust coordinates, angles, precision and much more!

Closure Features:

  • Automatic closure settings
  • Report area, linear and relative errors from the Traverse Manager
  • Add them to a report
  • Edit the report to show just the traverses I want
  • Export them as a CSV file

Adjust your Data Anytime


  • Compass Rule
  • Transit Rule
  • Crandall Rule
  • Angular
  • Least Squares
  • Curvature and Refraction
  • Scale Factors
  • Precision
  • PLSS (Public Land Survey System)
Least Squares Adjustments and Reports

Least Squares Adjustments and Reports

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