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  • This is a monthly subscription that runs FREE for the first 14 days (trial period).
    • If you cancel during the trial period, you will not pay anything (FREE).
    • At the end of the trial period, you will automatically be billed for a 3 month subscription.
    • You can cancel the subscription any time.
  • You can upgrade the subscription to a perpetual single user license any time.
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  • Fill out the Free Trial Request. We’ll process your request and get you started.

Why is the Trial a Subscription?

If you are  just kicking tires — you may or may not download it — may or may not run it — may or may not…  you get the picture.  You may or may not be serious.

As a subscription that renews automatically, you only get it if you are serious.  You don’t install it and forget to look at it.  You take a serious look at TPC Desktop™ during the trial period so you can decide to continue the subscription, upgrade it to a perpetual license or cancel it.  If you don’t do anything,  it renews automatically as a 3 month subscription (sorry, no refunds).

This is great software, and we don’t hound you to buy it.  But you have to be serious to get the trial!

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