Smart Drawing Objects™, like the legend, title block, scale bars and line tables update themselves automatically as you edit a drawing. You get a drawing that is accurate and complete. Automatically!

TPC Legend

TPC Legend

Like Legends…

The legend is just one example of the Smart Drawing Objects™ you’ll find in TPC Desktop.

  • The Automatic Point Symbols option adds any used symbols to the legend – automatically. Remove a symbol from the drawing and TPC Desktop removes it from the legend.
  • Edit the text for any legend item. Change ‘FOUND 5/8″ REBAR’ to ‘FOUND 5/8″ REBAR AS NOTED”.
  • Right click the legend and add a new legend item like ‘[ ] RECORD DATA CSF 29427’. It’s so easy.
  •  Rearrange the items within the legend.
  •  Right click any line, text, symbol or drawing object and add it to the legend.

You’ll find other Smart Drawing Objects™ like tables that let you add a record data column, scale bars that update with the drawing scale, title blocks that bring in the scale, file name and date and more.

Smart Drawing Objects™ (1:50)

  • 0:00 Line and Curve tables update automatically
  • 0:31 Insert a Legend and automatically add a new point symbol
  • 1:31 Scale bar updates automatically to show the scale
  • 1:37 Title Block updates scale Ft/In automatically