Buying Software is Just the Beginning of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)



At Traverse PC, we understand that buying land survey desktop software can be an expensive investment and can become costly year-after-year depending on the choice you make.
Below we compare a Perpetual license for Traverse PC’s TPC Desktop™ Professional Edition with a Annual subscription to Civil 3D:

Software License:
TPC Desktop™ Professional Edition Perpetual (lifetime) License:  $1,995
Civil 3D One Year Subscription License:  $2,205*

TPC Desktop™ Training:  Included for FREE
Civil 3D Training:  $2,195 (4 days)*

TPC Desktop™ Classes (single topic):  Included for FREE
Civil 3D Classes (single topic):  $825 – $1,395 **

You can see that one can easily save $2,000 or more each year choosing TPC Desktop™. And not only is it a better value, TPC Desktop is also easy to use and is great alternative to CAD since Traverse PC’s software is fully compatible with CAD.
If you do need help getting started, we provide a wealth of resources via our Learning Center including our step-by-step Learning Guides, our video library of hundreds of how-to videos, our online Help topics, our TPC User Forums and even our free Web Seminars.

We even include one year of TPC Connection with every new license or update purchased.

* All Civil 3D pricing is per the Autodesk website on 9/16/2019
**  Per ONLC Training Centers website on 9/16/2019

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