Traverses, The Natural Way to Organize Data

TPC Desktop™ presents your survey data in an organized and easy to use form that makes your drawings and workflows efficient and natural.

  • A traverse can be anything – a property boundary, a control loop, – anything.
  • Organize features into traverses – trees, power poles, rock walls, building pads, drain fields or edge of pavement. The choice is yours, you can make anything a traverse.
  • Traverses compute everything you need – length, closure, area and volume.
  • Traverses can be automatically generated from Point Codes.
  • Import points like GPS/GNSS, ASCII or TBC and turn them into traverses.
  • Traverses correlate perfectly with subdivision lots, GIS shapes and LandXML parcels and alignments.
  • Traverses are the best and easiest way to compare record data with measured data. Nothing compares.

The Power Is In the Views

We designed TPC Desktop™ from the ground up to be the most agile surveying program available. We accomplish this by building our software around what we call Views.

Views are simply different ways to use the software and create maps. You choose the view that works best for the way you like to work and the type of survey you’re doing. You can easily toggle between Views with the touch of a button.

Put them all together and you have TPC Desktop, by Traverse PC, the most powerful and agile land survey software on the market

Watch the video to the right for detailed information on Views and see how powerful and easy TPC Desktop is to use!


Visible Data™ – All the Time!

Ever use another land survey software program or CAD and been frustrated that you couldn’t access or change your data? With TPC Desktop™ worry no more!

At any time you click into the traverse view feature you have access to all your data. Right-click any survey object (line, label, symbol) in a drawing and TPC Desktop takes you right to that point in a traverse.

And your data is always editable, so if you find a mistake, you can fix it without missing a beat.

Quick View™ – Your Data Does the Drawing!

We can’t say enough about our Quick View™ Technology. You get to see what your data looks like without drawing it and without fiddling with those drawing commands you can never remember how to use.

Just choose the settings you want for Control, Side Shots and Lot Labels and let our Quick View Technology do the rest.

Draw everything the same, or choose settings for individual traverses and you have a very sophisticated drawing without ever drawing a thing yourself.

Watch the video on the right for detailed information on our feature-rich Quick View technology

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