Traverse PC is committed to the success of our users. That’s why we offer comprehensive coverage with the TPC Connection. With a small investment for this annual membership, TPC users can eliminate concern about TrainingTechnical Support and Update costs while enjoying the very popular TPC Cap.


  1. Fill in this form and send it to us – or call 800.460.3002
  2. Updates require the Serial Number of your current program
  3. We’ll verify your version, edition and ownership
  4. We’ll email you an on-line link to complete your purchase

Current Edition

To be eligible for the TPC Connection, you must be on the Current Version of the program. If you are on an earlier Version of Traverse PC, you must first Update to the Current Version before purchasing the TPC Connection.

Professional Edition TPCC $400
Premium Edition TPCC $300
Personal Edition TPCC $200

Program Updates

Major Releases

We have one Major Release at the start of each year (TPC Desktop 2016, 2017, 2018, etc.)

Members of The Connection get all Program Updates including Agile Releases at no additional charge. Now you can control the cost of staying Current while enjoying the benefits of new features and functionality as they become available. Our customers often provide ideas on ways to improve and enhance program functionality and we implement many of their suggestions in our regular program Updates. Another way TPC stays ahead of the competition.

TPCC Member Exclusive – Agile Releases

We typically have two Agile Releases each year (2017 R1 and 2017 R2 for example)

Members of the TPC Connection receive exclusive access to all Agile ReleasesThese are not available to anyone who is not on the TPC Connection. Everyone else has to wait until the next major release to get these features!

Support & Training

Comprehensive Technical Support

Technical Support rises to a higher level at Traverse PC. It’s PERSONALIZED! Our technical support professionals can “log-in” to your computer so you receive “personalized” assistance. You can both move your mouse or use your keyboard while you’re both looking at the Tech’s screen. You can show him the problem, he can show you the answer. It’s like having our Tech right there with you, but you don’t have to feed him.

Online Training

Proper Training can provide you with the opportunity to get up and running quickly. Use it to learn the new features in an Update or to train new staff. Each member receives unlimited, personalized online training utilizing the same software and techniques used in the Connection’s “Personalized” Technical Support.

Learning Guides

eReader Learning Guides

We have ported the Learning Guide Set to eReader formats (MOBI and EPUB) so you can take them with you anywhere.



  • Version: A Version is defined as the specific name of a release such as TPC Desktop V9.5 or TPC Desktop 2010.
  • Edition: An Edition is defined as the specific set of features that has an Edition name such as TPC Desktop 2010 Professional (2010 is the Version and Professional is the Edition).
  • Current Version: The Current Version is the Version that is currently being sold by Traverse PC.
  • Recent Version: Recent Versions are the Versions immediately preceding the Current Version and which are still supported by Traverse PC Technical Support.
  • Older Version: An Older Version is a Version for which Traverse PC no longer provides Technical Support or program maintenance.
  • Update: An Update is defined as moving from a prior Version to the same Edition of the Current Version such as TPC Desktop Professional 2015 to TPC Desktop Professional 2016.
  • Upgrade: An Upgrade is defined as moving from one Edition of the Current Version to another Edition of the Current Version such as from TPC Desktop 2016 Personal to TPC Desktop 2016 Premium.

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