Elaine Pearsons

To Mark, and everyone else at Traverse PC:

You will be happy to note that I’ve retired and turned the computer operations over to my dog. No longer will you be hindered with having to converse with a computer language illiterate. You are the reverse of what usually occurs when calling for support with other companies. Your clear voice of un-accented English, your expertise, your superb patience and your kindness and empathy is extraordinary and much appreciated. Thank you for preparing the maps so that I was able to fulfill my obligations to my clients. This is delivered belatedly because I have been waiting for your bill to arrive to send a check and not intentionally withholding my appreciation for your assistance. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Elaine waited in vain for our bill. We did not charge her for the assistance.) And now, since it’s a rainy day and I’m not riding my horse or picking produce out of the garden, I’m focusing on sending thank you notes to my long-time clients and associates.

Traverse PC is an industry leader and much appreciated by many. May you, Mark, and your company continue to be successful in spite of the battered economy and critical times facing the world.

Sincerely yours,
Elaine Pearsons

Thanks for the very kind and thoughtful words. We try to be the kind of company that we would want to do business with and we really like to form friendships with our users.

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