Emlid Flow

Mobile app for land survey

Comes with a cloud-based service for keeping your data in sync.

  • Linework and coding
  • Geoids, grid shifts, custom coordinate systems
  • Stake out points and lines
  • All your projects are available in the
    Emlid Flow 360


For simple projects requiring points only or post-processing.

Emlid Flow

  • Collect and stakeout points
  • Coordinate systems, geoids, and grid shifts
  • Base shift
  • Export and import in CSV, DXF, and SHP
  • Built-in NTRIP client
  • Full control of Reach receivers

Emlid Flow 360

  • Project management and auto sync
  • Export and import of survey data


For advanced surveying. All the benefits of Free version are included.

A single subscription for Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360.

Emlid Flow

  • Collect and stakeout lines
  • Add survey codes on the go
  • Use WMS/WMTS layers
  • Satellite map
  • Localization

Emlid Flow 360

  • Upload code libraries
  • Satellite map
  • Use WMS/WMTS layers

$240/year if billed yearly