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eNewsletter: April 2014

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President’s Message: Last call for Windows XP  –  Mark’s Tech Corner: Microsoft Has Ended Support for Windows XP – What Does that Mean for You?  –  Eric Tanikawa: Wake-up Call! Staying on Windows XP Can Cost You!  –

John Balcom, MSE, PLS - PresidentPresident’s Message:

Last call for Windows XP

For several years now, Traverse PC has reluctantly kept one last finger in Windows XP. We talk to lots of you who are still running Traverse PC on an old XP computer so you can still access some xyz software or device and delivering versions of TPC that could still run in XP was a service to you. We were glad to do it.

Although we can no longer test releases of TPC on XP (the automated tests we run these days won’t run on XP machines), we have left the old XP code, untouched, in the programs we release. This creates a bit of a dance for us that we are anxious to walk away from. We don’t advertise that TPC still runs on XP, but many of you have gotten by just fine with it. This spring, we will release TPC Desktop 2014, Release 1, the last release with the old XP code. After that, future releases of TPC won’t even run on XP.

We continue to invest in technology that helps us deliver the best software we can. Today, that means Windows 7 and 8 for your PC and Windows 8 for your tablet. If you are running these now, or thinking about updating your old XP computer soon – great. If you plan to keep your XP computer around, update your old TPC to TPC Desktop 2014 now or Release 1 this spring. It will be your last call for Windows XP.

John Balcom, MSE, PLS


Mark Lull - Technical SupportMark’s Tech Corner:

Microsoft Has Ended Support for Windows XP – What Does that Mean for You?

I have heard a lot about Microsoft ending support for Windows XP and I got to thinking, “So what? If it’s working fine for me, why should I care?” So I started doing some research into why it matters. (See Eric’s article below to see the bottom-line dollars.)

  • From the standpoint of Traverse PC, it is important because we are no longer able to support the Windows XP Operating System (OS) with TPC Desktop. TPC Desktop 2014 will run on Windows XP but TPC Desktop 2015 will not be able to run on it at all.If you like where Traverse PC is going and you want to stay up-to-date with the latest improvements, it’s time to move to a new OS
  • From your general perspective, you may think be thinking, “It’s working fine for me.” That’s great but I found in my research that this can be a costly mistake. “If you continue to use Windows XP after support ends, your computer should still work, but it will become five times more vulnerable to security risks and viruses,” according to Microsoft Support.Wow! That’s a biggy! If you are concerned about your on-line security, it’s time to move to a new OS.

So which OS should you move to, Windows 7 or 8? It’s up to you. I am running Windows 8.1 on my office computer and doing fine with it (after installing an app called StartIsBack that cost me $3) Because Windows 8 is Microsoft’s current OS and because it runs fine (with a little tweak), my recommendation is Windows 8. You will be able to stay on it longer than you will be able to stay on Windows 7 because Microsoft will eventually drop support for it as well.

If you have questions on any of this, don’t hesitate to call or email us for assistance or advice.

PS – Don’t tell anyone but we have a new website coming soon!


Eric Tanikawa - Business ManagerEric Tanikawa:

Wake-up Call!
Staying on Windows XP Can Cost You!

Back in our September 2013 eNewsletter I wrote about “Why we update… anything” Out with the old and in with the new – for efficiency, time and technology!

If you are planning on sticking with Windows XP, it can be costly. Microsoft pointed to an IDC study it commissioned suggesting that organizations can save money by moving from Windows XP to Windows 7. (What is IDC ? International Data Corporation is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. IDC helps IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community make fact-based decisions on technology purchases and business strategy.)

Here are some “Costly” results from the study:

  • IDC estimated that the annual cost for organizations to maintain a Windows XP-based PC is $870. That same cost for a Windows 7-based PC is $168, so organizations potentially can save about $701 per PC per year by moving to Microsoft’s newer OS, according to the report.
  • The report breaks down Windows XP user productivity costs into six categories, including time lost to malware, time taken to reimage a PC, reboot waits, downtime and time waiting for help desk support. Reboots and malware constituted the top two productivity time drainers among users.
  • Overall, user productivity is dramatically boosted by Windows 7, while Windows XP users are saddled with 7.8 additional hours of lost time per year compared with their colleagues using Windows 7.
  • Lost IT productivity time using Windows XP is listed in the report under “operational activities” and “downtime-related activities.” Patch management and deploying applications topped the operational activities as time wasters for IT pros. Meanwhile, the top issues causing downtime for IT pros were dealing with malware and providing help desk support.
  • Over a three-year period, the study estimated that organizations that move from Windows XP to Windows 7 will have a 137 percent return on investment.

Traverse PC’s latest 2014 works in harmony with the Windows 7 & 8 operating system. As one of our users, Charles E. Porter, would say, ” Probably the most cost effective and efficient surveying and mapping software I have used over the past 25 years hands down!