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eNewsletter: August 2013

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President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2013 Premium Edition – Mark’s Tech Corner: Arc Aligned Curve Labels – Eric Tanikawa: The TPC Connection May Be a “6” Star Product!

President’s Message:

TPC Desktop 2013 Premium Edition

TPC users with the Premium Edition are in for a pleasant surprise when they update to TPC Desktop 2013 – Volumes and Point Codes (Field-to-Finish), previously available only in the Professional Edition, are now included in the Premium Edition.

The addition of Volumes will allow you to say, “Yes” to more jobs that walk in the door. Of course, you can easily compute the volume of a stock pile of rock or chips, but with the ability to compute volumes to another surface or to limit the volume to a specific elevation range, you can also tackle the big jobs that could easily have gone to someone else. We want TPC to help you be competitive as we head into this new economy, whatever that is , and adding Volumes to the Premium Edition can do just that.

We added Point Codes to automate more of the mapping you do in the Premium Edition. Point codes turn points into features. With Point Codes, TPC can draw pavement edges, ditches, curbs and any other feature line you want. But you can also plot all your oak trees, catch basins, phone risers and other feature object you want. The goal is to let TPC create most of the drawing for you. You go in and make your own improvements to get the drawing looking just the way you want. We want TPC to do most of the busy-work for you so you can spend more time doing what you do best – surveying.

With the recent addition of geodetics and tools for the PLSS, we’ve spent a lot of time improving the Professional Edition. Now it’s time for the Premium Edition to get a lift. Enjoy!

John Balcom, MS, LS

Mark’s Tech Corner:

Arc Aligned Curve Labels

This is something that TPC users have been requesting for a while. In TPC Desktop 2013, you can label curves along the arc or use stacked labels like you have always done it. Now, the choice is yours.

In this example, the northernmost curve is labeled with the traditional stacked text while the southernmost curve is labeled with arc aligned text. This option is selected on the Curves tab of the Traverse Settings dialog box. As always, what is displayed in the label is determined by what is set on the Point Label Format tab of the Drawing Settings dialog box.

Eric Tanikawa:

The TPC Connection May Be a “6” Star Product!

Traverse PC wants you to be successful with the program! Our TPC Connection delivers high quality service and some of our users may even consider the Connection as having “6” star rating!

As a TPC Connection member, you automatically receive all program updates during your membership. We have also added agile release updates throughout the year for even more power in the program. These agile releases are only available to TPC Connection members – everyone else has to wait for the next major release!

Bundled with unlimited priority Technical Support, one-on-one On-line training, Learning Guide sets, and a training video disk, it helps ensure your success with Traverse PC.

And then the icing on the cake – you receive a back-up program disk and a cool cap, travel mug or maybe a safety T-Shirt.

Traverse PC’s TPC Connection is valued at over $1000 but your price is much lower, and for a small investment in this annual membership, our commitment is to provide you with everything you need to be successful!

Here is what some of our existing users have to say about the TPC Connection:

“I am very happy with the TPC program.  The technical help has been superb!” Walter David, Indiana

“With all the on line training TPC offered, I was running the drawing program after several sessions. Topo Drawings were even easier. Thanks TPC!” Guy Falconieri , New Jersey

“As a very long time user of Traverse-PC, I found the technical support to be second to none. The desktop program has significantly increased our efficiency!” Daniel Barry, New York

“The tech support is incredible and the programming is high quality.  I am expanding my office to hire another drafter and Traverse PC was a clear winner for drafting software.” Casey Cockrell, Texas

“The technical support has been outstanding and the videos are always helpful. I highly
recommend TPC to anyone who surveys!” Katrina Lund, National Park Service – Arches, Moab , UT

“(Traverse PC is) a stand alone survey program that is intuitive, powerful, efficient, and is backed by excellent tech support”  Pete Jackson, California