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eNewsletter: December, 2014

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eNewsletter – December, 2014

President’s Message:  Catching up with PC Desktop 2015, Eric Tanikawa:  Traverse PC and the Section 179 Tax Deduction, Oliver Bochsler:  Automatic Program Updates, Mark Lull:  TPC Desktop 2014 and Windows XP

John Balcom, MSE, PLS - PresidentPresident’s Message:
Catching up with TPC Desktop 2015

If you were on the TPC Connection this year, you received TPC Desktop 2014 releases 0, 1 and 2. We packed a lot of stuff into those agile releases and have really enjoyed your feedback on the releases.

So what if you weren’t on the TPC Connection? Well, you didn’t get all that great stuff. But you can in the TPC Desktop 2015 update. That’s how it works now. We role everything from the previous year’s agile releases into the next full annual release, like TPC Desktop 2015, and add other new features like LandXML. Then we start on new program features for the 2015 agile releases, which if you are not on the TPC Connection, you can’t get until 2016.

So what did you miss this year? 

  • COGO dialogs that track Distance/Direction types and warn you if you may be about to make a mistake
  • Most COGO dialogs now include Summary/Clear/Undo/Recompute/Reset buttons
  • Better point relabeling with ‘What’ list, Undo and Summary plus it’s available from more places and it let’s you select points to relabel from a drawing
  • We added a ‘What’ list to the Convert Coordinates and Insert Existing Points dialogs
  • Arc Aligned Text you can share with CAD and use in drawing blocks
  • Predetermined Area now works with open traverses
  • Traverse Decimals, Drawing Ellipses

John Balcom, MSE, PLS, GISP

Eric Tanikawa - Business Manager

Eric Tanikawa:
Traverse PC and the Section 179 Tax Deduction

Traverse PC qualifies as a computer software for your business expenses as a Section 179 deduction. By definition:  Any “off-the-shelf” computer software that (a) is not custom designed, and (b) is available to the general public is qualified for the Section 179 Deduction in the year that you put the software into service. TPC meets all the criteria so this is a great time to purchase TPC Desktop or update your old copy so that you can deduct the costs on your 2014 taxes!

The Section 179 deduction limit for 2014 is $25,000

You can also deduct equipment purchases under Section 179.  Please keep in mind that the equipment must meet certain specification and must be purchased and put into service between January 1 and December 31, 2014.

For much more information, you can go to http://section179.org/section_179_deduction.html  In addition, don’t forget to make an appointment with your accountant!

Have a safe  and joyous holiday season!

Eric Tanikawa, Business Manager

Oliver Bochsler - Software Developer

Oliver Bochsler:
Automatic Program Updates

Coming soon we’ll have the new release of Traverse PC scrumptiously spiced, seasoned and ready for the New Year. Among these new spices and seasonings we have one that I had a hand in creating – Automatic Program Updates! This is a great new feature for Traverse PC. It allows us to deliver maintenance updates directly to you at the click of a button.

By default TPC Desktop 2015 will check for an update automatically every 15 days. This number can be set anywhere between one and thirty days. All the settings for automatic updates can be found in Program Settings | Automatic Updates. When the number of days without checking for an update reaches the set amount, TPC will search for a update and alert you if one is found or not.

In any case Traverse PC will only search for an update automatically. If you’re alerted of an update and don’t want to install it right away, then you don’t have to! It will alert you again after the set number of days has passed. If having automatic alerts isn’t something you want, you can “Check for updates manually”. Select this option and Traverse PC will never search for new updates until the button “Check for updates” is pressed.

Of course automatic updates were designed with the user in mind. We didn’t want automatic update alerts to be annoying or inconvenient for the user to deal with. Traverse PC automatically checks for new updates only on startup. This is great because as soon as you have Traverse PC started, you’ll know if you can start working right away or if you should install an update first. If you start Traverse PC and get no alerts related to automatic updates then you’re good to go!

I hope this new feature makes Life With Traverse PC even easier and more relaxing in the New Year!

Oliver Bochsler, Software Developer

Mark Lull - Traverse PC Technical Support

Mark Lull:
TPC Desktop 2014 and Windows XP

There are a few of you who are still running your old Windows XP computers for a variety of reasons. I wrote an article in our April eNewsletter that spelled out the reasons this may not be a good idea. Never the less, you may still have very good reasons to stick with Windows XP.

If you do need to stay on Windows XP, you need to be aware that with the release of TPC Desktop 2015, Traverse PC will no longer be able to run on Windows XP. Our programming tools have advanced along with the Windows operating systems and we no longer have the tools to create Windows XP compatible software.

What this means to you is that if you need to stay on Windows XP and if you want to have the latest possible improvements in Traverse PC, you need to be on TPC Desktop 2014. We do not sell older versions of our program so once we release TPC Desktop 2015, TPC Desktop 2014 will no longer be available to purchase.

So if you are one of those folks who is running Windows XP and you don’t have TPC Desktop 2014, you should update your copy before we release TPC Desktop 2015. That is currently scheduled for the middle of January so you need to decide quickly what you want to do.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones and that the New Year treats you well.

Mark Lull, Technical Support Manager