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eNewsletter: February 2013

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President’s Message: Get Connected with Free Software! – Eric Tanikawa: Back in the Saddle Again!

President’s Message:

Get Connected with Free Software!

Be one of the first 300. You must purchase one of the first 300 TPC Connections in 2013 to receive your Free copy of TPC Desktop. Once that quota is filled, you’ll pay the regular price for TPC Desktop plus the Connection to get the same opportunity.

Why are we offering Free Software? We’ve just finished five years of the most difficult economy many surveyors have ever seen, and 2013 isn’t looking much better. This promotion is our way of helping you successfully move to TPC Desktop so you can stay ahead of your competition. The TPC Connection includes everything you need to get up and running quickly and efficiently. And because we’re offering Free software, you can save a bundle in the process.

John Balcom, MS, LS

Eric Tanikawa:

Back in the Saddle Again!

As we all know the economy has polarized this country for a few years now. Companies have downsized, small businesses have reconfigured their business plan to be more efficient and now land surveyors are coming out of retirement.

Yes, the folks who pave the way for surveyors for the next generation are coming back! In the past several months, I have spoken with many surveyors coming back to the profession. For some, it is the increased cost of living. Others say their retirement portfolio will not sustain them in the present economy. However, many of them just love the profession! Every job is not the same, and they look forward to any challenges that arise!

Your old clients hear a whisper of a coming back party but the challenge is the start-up… again. You review your inventory: Total station – check. Prism – check. Data collector – check. Tripod – check. Plumb bob – check. Tape measure – check. Compass – check. Chain saw – check. Sandvik – check. Hubs & laths – check. Computer… Oh, no! I think my DOS computer won’t work anymore and my software… Computers can be a few hundred dollars, but software can run into thousands. TPC Desktop has been a true winner for the coming out partiers! As we bundle our support & updates with the TPC Connection, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of our program is far below the purchase cost of any other survey software on the market today!

Remember the saying, “Don’t leave the backsight behind!” Well, at Traverse PC, our support doesn’t want to leave the surveyor behind. We are a land surveying company too! It is the brotherhood of surveyors – and we help one another.