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eNewsletter: January 2012

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Eric Tanikawa: Your Software Investment in a Difficult Economy – Mark’s Tech Corner: Button Sizes and Customizing Toolbars in Traverse PC

Eric Tanikawa:
Your Software Investment in a Difficult Economy

I have been the Business Manager for a land surveying company and for Traverse PC for over ten years. I understand the very tough choices that must be made every day in running a business because I have to make those decisions. When times are good, I don’t have to worry quite so much about saving every penny I can. When times are tough, like they have been for the last few years, the choices become a lot harder. Do we have to spend money? How much can we afford to spend? Where can we get the most “bang for the buck”? These become the questions we have to ask before we make any spending decisions.

We are starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel as far as the economy goes. We are starting to hear few of the surveyors we talk to every day say that things are getting a little better. But we certainly aren’t seeing a dramatic turn-around. It’s going to continue to be very tough for quite a while yet and we’re all going to have to keep making those tough choices.

Traverse PC’s revenues were up over 30% in 2011 (as compared to 2010)! Does that mean the economy turned around? No, definitely not! It does mean that a lot of surveyors out there are making those tough choices. They are looking at their existing software and at the features they already have and the features they still need. They are looking at whether updating their existing software will meet their needs or if they need a different product to do what they need to do. And they are looking at the costs to update their existing software, the costs to buy new software and the long-term costs of maintaining their software. After that evaluation, they start looking around for solutions and many of them are finding Traverse PC.

When you start looking at Traverse PC, you will likely find the numerous short online videos that show how TPC thinks and works (like surveyors think and work). You will find out that TPC includes the tools you need and use every day. You will find an Edition that has the tools you need for your business but doesn’t include a lot of things you will never use. You will find that Traverse PC’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in both the short and long term is lower than anyone else’s. And, you will realize how innovative TPC is! (Cadastral and Geodetic tools built into your land surveying software? Why not?)

Go ahead! Compare Traverse PC to the other guys! If they do what you need and have the right price, great! But don’t forget all those tough questions you’ve been asking when you make a purchasing decision and don’t forget to look at all that Traverse PC has to offer.

Mark’s Tech Corner:
Button Sizes and Customizing Toolbars in Traverse PC

The first time you run Traverse PC Desktop, you will notice a row of toolbars (buttons) along the top of the program under the main menus. These buttons are fairly large and take up quite a bit of your available desktop space because they are displaying what each button does. We ship the program this way so that you can get familiar with the main buttons and their functions.

Like nearly everything in Traverse PC, these buttons and toolbars are user-customizable. That means that you can move them around, choose which buttons are displayed and even change how the buttons are displayed.

On the main Tools menu, choose Customize View and go to the Toolbars tab. Select one of the toolbars by clicking on it and then turn off the check mark next to Show text labels.

This turns the names of the buttons off so they take up less space. You can now move the toolbars up next to the menus and you have gained all of the space that the buttons were originally taking up on your screen!

You can make yourself much more efficient by customizing the toolbars for the things you do regularly and by positioning the toolbars and windows where you most need them. Customize View can be found on the View menu or Tools menu in most views in TPC.

Don’t forget to close each view and reopen it after making changes to how the view or the toolbars are laid out. This locks your changes into the computer’s memory.

There is a lot more information on how you can set Traverse PC up to optimize your workflow in the Learning Guide.