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Announcing TPC Desktop 2018 released January 3rd

TPC Desktop 2018This version of TPC is all about improving your workflows.We’ve taken a look at some of the most common workflows and asked, How can we make this more efficient? This has led to fewer steps, greater consistency and better results in TPC Desktop 2018.Here are some examples of how TPC is improving your workflows.

  • You’re reconciling a project you did years ago, before GPS with a new project.
  • An architect sends you a drawing in inches and your survey is in feet.
  • You get a GIS file that is in ground coordinates and you’re survey is in State Plane.
  • You want to bring GPS/GNSS data into your survey that’s on a local grid.

We all run into these situations. We need to get everything on the same basis (position, orientation, scale, coordinates, etc.). It’s not quite as simple as calibrating just our field data to our survey. It’s real world. It’s more complicated.

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TPC Webinar – TPC’s CAD Workflows January 24 & 25

  • TPC's CAD Workflows WebinarWorkflow Overview
  • Simplified Workflow
  • Drawing View Xreference Workflow
  •    Referencing CAD to your Survey
  •    Working with CAD layers
  •    Using the Drawing Data Manager
  •    Converting entities to your survey
  •    Exporting stakeout data
  • Drawing View Import Workflow
  • Send/Receive Between Drawings and CAD View Workflow
  • Q&A


See Us at These State Conferences

  • January 17-19   PLSO  Salem, Oregon
  • February 21-23   PLSO  Cincinnati, Ohio
  • March 21-23   LSPS  Marksville, Louisiana
  • April 19-20   ASPS  Little Rock, Arkansas

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