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eNewsletter: July, 2014

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eNewsletter – July, 2014

Presidents Message: TPC Desktop 2014 R1 and Ellipses –  Mark’s Tech Corner: Ending Support for TPC Desktop 2011 –  Eric Tanikawa: Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation –  Personnel Notes: Welcome – Oliver Bochsler

John Balcom, MSE, PLS - PresidentPresident’s Message:
TPC Desktop 2014 R1 and Ellipses

Agile releases are all about adding things you ask us for. You can check out all the things we added in Version 14 R1, but I want to highlight one of them here.

We’ve recently had some users request a Draw Ellipse tool. They want to draw ellipses around some line labels and then show an exploded detail off to the side. They had been using TPC’s rounded rectangles for this, but really want to use an ellipse. They also wanted the ability to modify the axis ratio and specify the start angle and sweep angle for an ellipse. Along with user rotation, this means you can do a lot of things with ellipses.

So in Version 14 R1 we added a Draw Ellipse tool to the Drawing View and a corresponding Ellipse Properties dialog.

TPC has supported ellipses since we added Least Squares Network adjustments. You can tell TPC to draw the error ellipses around each adjusted point. TPC also imports ellipses from CAD files and displays them in a drawing. So it wasn’t that big of a stretch to just expose ellipses more fully to our users. It was a perfect fit for an agile release.

I understand that drawing ellipses may not be your thing, but there are dozens of other little features just like this in Version 14 R1 and one or more of them may be just the thing you’ve asked for. And that’s what agile releases are all about.

John Balcom, MSE, PLS

Mark Lull - Technical SupportMark’s Tech Corner:
Ending Support for TPC Desktop 2011

If you are still using TPC Desktop 2011 (version 11.6), you should have received some emails from us letting you know that we will be ending support for it on July 31st. What that means is that we will no longer be maintaining or updating it. Your program will still run and you will be able to use it but we won’t be providing any further maintenance updates for it.

We drop support for a version when the technologies the software uses become obsolete.  Microsoft has released Windows 7 & 8 with loads of improvements in imaging, file access, printing, and speed. As of April 8th 2014, Microsoft discontinued support of Windows XP. TPC Desktop 2011 can’t take advantage of all of the new improvements in Windows.

So if you’re still using TPC Desktop 2011, you might want to check out all of the improvements you’re missing out on and give us a call to take advantage of a special update offer just for you.

Eric Tanikawa - Business ManagerEric Tanikawa: 
Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation went into effect on July 1st. If you aren’t in Canada, you probably don’t know anything about it and don’t need to know anything about it – unless you send emails to people in Canada. If you do have correspondents in Canada, you really need to understand this new law.

Here at Traverse PC, we did a detailed search to identify all Canadian email addresses in our records. This search included not only searching for records that were labelled as being Canadian, but also looking for any email address that included “.ca”. We then contacted all of those folks to give them a chance to “opt-in” to receiving emails from us. After July 1st, we deleted the email addresses of those who didn’t “opt-in”.

Unfortunately, we may still have some email addresses in our database that we do not know are in Canada. This can happen if someone has emailed us for information without providing information on where they are located and if their email address does not include “.ca”. This can also happen if we have an old email address that is now being forwarded to a Canadian email address. This is why I’m writing this article.

If you are in Canada and haven’t “opted-in” to receive our emails, we apologize for sending you any emails (including this one). We will be happy to remove you from our email list. All you need to do is click on Unsubscribe here. You can also visit our “Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation” page to Opt-In, Opt-Out or read about what we have done and are continuing to do to comply with the law.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Oliver BochslerPersonnel Notes:
Welcome – Oliver Bochsler

We are very happy to announce that Oliver Bochsler has come to work for us full-time! He graduated in June from the University of Oregon with his B.S. in Computer Science. Oliver is now working as a programmer for Traverse PC and you will probably get a chance to talk to him at some point.