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eNewsletter: March 2013

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President’s Message: Helping You Be Successful – Mark’s Tech Corner: Fonts in Traverse PC

President’s Message:

Helping You Be Successful

We recently announced our “Get Connected w/Free Software” offer. The first 300 folks who buy the TPC Connection get TPC Desktop free. The first 100 went fast. The next 100 will be gone by the time you get this newsletter and it won’t take long before we reach the 300 limit.

Our motivation is simple – we want to help folks be successful in their surveying business by making the software component affordable and easy to learn. So far, that’s exactly the feedback we’ve been getting.

Some who bought the special have been retired surveyors, who for various reasons, are hanging their shingle back out. Investing the time to learn CAD is out of the question, but they want to be competitive in the marketplace. Traverse PC has been a welcome answer to their dilemma, and a pleasant surprise as they sent their first plats out the door. They have a point based solution that talks to their data collector, does COGO in spades and thank to our Quick View TM technology, draws most of the map for them.

Others are stepping out on their own in anticipation of the housing turnaround. Money is tight, so our special offer is a ‘no brainer’. New software, new computer and a few hours later they’re up and running. With all the obstacles to starting a new business, they are finding a new friend in TPC Desktop and a company that is willing to be part of their success.

Another group of folks who has stepped up are the ones who have had Traverse PC on their radar for years. They’ve done all they can with their tired old surveying software and know they need to take a big step forward if they want to keep up with the competition. They need software that does everything from surfaces to least squares to geodetic to PLSS to highways to legal descriptions and whatever else is on their list. They’ve been pleased to find how much they can do with TPC Desktop and how easy it is to learn.

Our motivation is simple – to help you be successful with Traverse PC. That’s why we offer printed learning guides with step-by-step instructions, on-line videos, on-line personal training, free updates for a year and toll-free technical support. We haven’t left anything out of the equation. It’s all there. And it’s all there to help you be successful in your own surveying business.

John Balcom, MS, LS

Mark’s Tech Corner:

Fonts in Traverse PC

Like most standard Windows programs, Traverse PC does not install any fonts. We rely on the True Type Fonts (TTF) that are installed in Windows. That means that if there is a font you need but you don’t see it in Traverse PC, you will need to find it somewhere else and install it in your Windows OS (Operating System) so that it will be available to TPC.

I recently had a couple of calls for a couple of specific fonts.

The first font that I was contacted about is the Leroy font that most of you are familiar with. A few years ago, I was able to find free downloads of a Leroy TTF font on the internet. Now, I can’t find any. So what can you do? The Arial Italic font is very similar to the Leroy S-style font and you should be able to use it as a substitute. As for the Leroy V-style font, I have been searching but haven’t found anything.

If you know where a Leroy TTF font is available to download or if you have a Leroy TTF already, please let me know so I can pass the information on to other Traverse PC users.

The second call was one I have had a couple of times. It was for a dashed font. The county requires that changed information be displayed in a dashed font. I have suggested setting the Outline Only option in the text Properties dialog box and changing the color to silver. That has seemed to be acceptable for most counties. If your county gets really picky however, I did find four fonts that might work for you. They are Candy Stripe BRK, Edit Undo DotBRK, Edit Undo Line BRK and Volatile 1 BRK. I found these fonts after downloading the EZ Fonts program ( http://ez-fonts.software.informer.com/ ) and browsing the available fonts. (If you download the EZ Fonts program, it will want to install several other applications during install but you can tell it not to install them.)

I hope this answers any font questions you might have. Please let me know if you know of a source for a Leroy TTF. All your fellow TPC users will thank you!