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eNewsletter: March 2014

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President’s Message: Bruce Anderson Reviews TPC Desktop 2014  –  Mark’s Tech Corner: TPC Desktop 2014 is Out the Door  –  Eric Tanikawa: Ultimate Update Special  –

John Balcom, MSE, PLS - PresidentPresident’s Message:

Bruce Anderson Reviews TPC Desktop 2014

The February edition of Professional Surveyor Magazine includes a Software Review of TPC Desktop 2014 by Bruce Anderson, LS. Bruce is a long time user of TPC and did a great job talking about what makes TPC Desktop different and better than the other guys. Bruce just retired from his county surveyor position and brings his perspective as both a public and private surveyor to the article.

I took an extra minute or two, as I read his article, and looked at the drawing he included. It’s pretty small, but it has Traverse PC written all over it. The title block, legend, scale bar, north arrow, border, etc. It’s all right from TPC.

I certainly admired how Bruce had put the drawing together using the tools from TPC Desktop, but I also raced back in time, a long way back, to when I used to do drawings like this in CAD. It was a lot of work back then and not much fun.

Many of you, like myself and Bruce, are enjoying life with Traverse PC every day, and producing some great drawings in the process. Way to go Bruce!

PS – Did you see the postcard from Barbara Cooper in India?

John Balcom, MSE, PLS


Mark Lull - Technical SupportMark’s Tech Corner:

TPC Desktop 2014 is Out the Door

We are all done getting TPC Desktop 2014 out the door! If you are a TPC Connection member, you should have received a download link along with your new Serial Number(s) and Installation Key(s). I checked our license server and many of you have already installed it, validated your license and are up and running. If you read this and think we might have missed you, please give us call or email tech@traverse-pc.com.

I am talking with folks every day who tell me TPC Desktop 2013 and now TPC Desktop 2014 are just working better and how much they love the new features! I thank them and tell them they’re right about the program running better. We have stepped up both our development and automated testing to make TPC faster, stronger, better… (almost bionic if you know what I mean). And that is going to continue. We now run over a thousand tests before we release even a hotfix patch. And that number is increasing every week. Our hope is that this translates into a better experience for you as a TPC users. So far, from what I hear, it sounds like we’re well on our way.

Technical Support Note:

If we have used CrossLoop with you for training or technical support, you should be aware that CrossLoop has gone out of business. You can remove the CrossLoop application through your Windows Control Panel.

We are using a different tool now that we will introduce you to the next time we need to share computer screens.


Eric Tanikawa - Business ManagerEric Tanikawa:

Ultimate Update Special

We don’t usually pitch sales in the newsletters, but I am going to make an exception. If you have an old copy of TPC, you need to visit our web site today and look for the Ultimate Update Special. I have been with Traverse PC since 2001 and I don’t remember a time when we have made it so affordable foranyone to update their old copy of TPC (no matter how old)! And I don’t know when we’ll be able to do it again.

Here is the skinny – TPC Desktop 2014It’s the best version we’ve ever released, and we want you to have it. We don’t advertise that it works on Windows XP, but it does, and will probably be the last release that will. We know that not everyone needs training for a new version, so you can buy the download only (no DVD, printed learning guides or training) or pay a little more and get the TPC Connection with all of those plus agile releases. So like I said, we don’t usually make sales pitches in the newsletters, but this is Ultimate Update Special and it’s only available through the middle of this month.