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eNewsletter: May, 2014

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eNewsletter – May, 2014

President’s Message: Our New Web Site (updated), Mobile Devices and YouTube –  Mark’s Tech Corner: Traverse PC – Found Online –  Eric Tanikawa: Download Only

John Balcom, MSE, PLS - PresidentPresident’s Message:
Our New Web Site, Mobile Devices and YouTube

We just rolled out a completely new web site for Traverse PC. It does lots of things better.

We added Life with Traverse PC blogs. These highlight the maps and quotes you’ve sent us, along with articles about TPCpress releases and user testimonials.

We adopted tabs on most pages in order to reduce the number of levels. For the most part, you’ll find everything you need with just one click from the home page menu. If you already use TPC, on-line support is now easier to get to. If you are just out there looking for new surveying software, our new web site makes it easier to evaluate TPC.

Our new web site resizes automatically to fit your mobile device. Many of you now use a tablet or cell phone to read your email and search the web. Our new site automatically re-arranges page items so you don’t ever have to scroll back and forth to read content. Menus, pictures, tabs, etc. all resize so you only have to scroll down as you read. It’s pretty nice.

We’ve posted all of our videos on our YouTube channel. You can access them from our videos page or just click on theYouTube link at the bottom of each page and go right to our YouTube channel.

So come take a fresh look at us on-line at traverse-pc.com.

John Balcom, MSE, PLS

Mark Lull - Technical SupportMark’s Tech Corner:
Traverse PC – Found Online

We have always been aware that Traverse PC is mentioned in various places on the internet besides on our own website. We hadn’t really taken a serious look at the various places we pop up – until recently. We found reviews and comments (mostly positive) as well as questions.

For the most part, what we found didn’t surprise us. But some things did. Probably most surprising (to us anyway) was the number of surveyors’ maps that were created with TPC and are posted online. These are examples of surveyors using TPC in their day-to-day work and really putting the “Professional” in PLS. This is just a smattering of some of the surprising things we found with a Google search for Traverse PC.

(Note that if you are checking this email on your phone or tablet that you may not want to download any of these links that are labeled as PDF Download.)



Traverse PC Map Gallery

If you have a map that you are proud of, we would love to feature it in our Map Gallery. Just send a PDF of the drawing with any comments to tech@traverse-pc.com

Eric Tanikawa - Business ManagerEric Tanikawa: 
Download Only

Webster’s Dictionary defines “now” as “at the present time or moment”. I read that as “instant gratification”. The internet is probably the most powerful instant gratification vehicle on the planet.

Traverse PC can sell you a program at a reduced price via the download only option. You will be up & running the program immediately. What you save is the cost of shipping, and waiting for the program disk and physical materials to arrive. You don’t, however, get the program any faster because you also get to download the program with a regular purchase.

There are a few disadvantages with the download only option, such as no technical support. The regular purchase of TPC includes thirty days of technical support and we frequently offer one year of the TPC Connection with the purchase. The TPC Connection (over $1000 value) helps fill the gap with full technical support, online training, free major updates and agile releases(a TPCC member exclusive). TPC Connection members even receive higher priority on technical support call backs, ahead of non-TPCC users.

Although the download only has its cost savings now, the TPC Connection  provides higher cost savings in the long run. The download only option may not really be the right choice for you, but if it is, welcome to TPC and instant gratification!