eNewsletter – May, 2016

 John Balcom – TPC Desktop 2016 R1 Drawing Tools, Eric Tanikawa – Did you Miss the Boat?, Oliver Bochsler – What Lies Between the Boundaries?, Mark Lull – Automatic Merging of Program Data

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISP

John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2016 R1 Drawing Tools

Last week was fun. I talked with a number of TPC users who said something to this effect, “I can’t tell you how much I enjoy doing my drawings in TPC”. They said it out of the blue – unsolicited. They were enjoying using TPC and wanted us to know. Of course, it’s always fun to hear that someone likes your product or service, but all their comments were about their TPC drawings. They were doing lots of them and really enjoying it. Wow!

Conversations like these are why we continue to improve TPC’s drawing capabilities. In the latest release, TPC Desktop 2016 R1, we added more spacing options for bearings and line labels, making them easier to read when reproduced. We enabled snap intersections for polylines, Undo for graphical Rotate and Translate and the ability to manually draw arcs with a central angle greater than 180°. You’ve told us that these little details are important to you, so we’ve worked them in.

We have big plans for the Drawing View in future releases. Like speeding up the drawings to handle point clouds, exposing more layers when needed and allowing you to edit parts of line labels while TPC continues to update the unedited parts. We want you and TPC to continue to produce the best survey drawings out there – and to continue enjoying doing it.

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISP

Eric Tanikawa, SalesEric Tanikawa: Did you Miss the Boat?

Remember the saying, “Don’t miss the Boat!” There are several meanings such as; to miss out on something, or to lose the opportunity that could lead to success. In the last 10 years Traverse PC has released 15 major updates with over 110 new features! Take a look here at What Am I Missing?

Traverse PC has always listened to our users and provided what they want. We continue to fulfill their “wish list”, and we remain the standard of what true surveying software should be. I think it’s time for you to discover all the great new features like the CAD View, Best Fit Lines and Curves, Google KMZ & KML file support, updated compatibility for DWG & DGN files, Super-Duper-Incredible COGO enhancements, and awesome tools to create your maps and plats!

Call me today to get your update or a new copy of the “most powerful land surveying software in the world!”

Eric Tanikawa, Sales

Oliver Boschler, Software DevelopmentOliver Bochsler: What Lies Between the Boundaries?

Traverse PC 2016 has jumped farther ahead of the rest of the pack with the release of R1 in April. This release has added the ability to compute medial lines on a closed loop traverse! It’s one of best tools I’ve developed for TPC and I had a lot of fun with it.

This is a very easy routine to use. Simply provide a point label and an optional description and press compute. TPC takes care of the rest. We have a really awesome sample file; “Learn Medial Lines.trv”. It demos medial lines on a geo-referenced survey so you can try it for yourself and see this routine in action.

TPC uses a series of algorithms that produce and then filter out unnecessary data which gives us the final set of points representing all the medial points for a boundary. From those points TPC creates an additional traverse that lays out the medial line. Not all the points will be included in the medial line; there are some points that aren’t as ‘optimal’ as others. TPC will always make the decision as to the optimality of points, but you always have the opportunity to adjust the medial line with a great, graphic editing tool!

TPC Desktop 2016 R1 has much more to offer than just the medial lines, but as the developer of the medial lines routine, I can’t help but talk about it!
Check out all the other great new features in TPC Desktop 2016 R1 and don’t forget to watch the videos that show these features in action!

Oliver Bochsler, Software Development

Mark Lull, Technical SupportMark Lull: Automatic Merging of Program Data

TPC Desktop 2016 R1 improved how we bring your existing Program Data forward when you update to a new release.  This is another “little detail” that is very important to our users.

TTPC no longer creates copies of your program data folders, we bring all of your program data forward into your new folder and merge the information within files with the same name such as the UserQvSettings.dat and UserSymbols.dat files.  Now you don’t need to browse to find the previous settings or re-map anything to have all of your blocks, templates and settings.  They are all right there with no user intervention.

It’s just a nice improvement that makes things easier for our users./P>

Mark Lull, Technical Support