eNewsletter – May, 2017

John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2017 R1 Released!, Mark Lull: CAD View Improvements, Oliver Bochsler: Traverse Reports, Eric Tanikawa: Agile Releases – A TPC Connection  Perk

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISPJohn Balcom: TPC Desktop 2017 R1 Released!

We released TPC Desktop 2017 R1 on May 15th to our TPC Connection members. If you are on the TPC Connection, you should have already received your download instructions and we hope you are enjoying it.

Agile Releases, like this one, are available only to our TPC Connection members and usually include things our users have asked for. This release is no exception. Here are a few of them.

Set Elevations to Zero on Import – Some of you import coordinates from systems that use very large negative or positive values for missing elevations. A new option in the Import settings tells TPC to look for these extreme values and set them to zero. Limits in the Program Settings will let you define the values that will be considered extreme.

Table and Legend Line SpacingTable and Legend Item Line Spacing – You can now enter decimal line space factors. Add more line spacing to make the table easier to read or squeeze the lines together to fit more lines in. In the example shown here, we’ve used a factor of 1.0 for the curve table and 0.3 for the line table.

More Repeats – We added the Repeat option to more of your favorite drawing commands. Want to insert multiple leaders? Just start the command and press R for Repeat. The same goes for circles, dynamic offsets and most of the other drawing commands.

New Template Option Video (1:31) – When you add a drawing template to an existing drawing, TPC used to remove any survey space objects from a layer in the current drawing if the template included that layer. So you had to create the drawing based on that template first, then add your survey objects. Now, you can tell TPC whether or not to remove the existing survey objects when you import the template. You decide if you want to keep what’s already there or not.

You get the idea. These are a few of the great things that make TPC more powerful and fun to use.

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISP

Mark Lull, Technical SupportMark Lull: CAD View Improvements

We introduced the CAD View in January, 2016 in TPC Desktop 2016. It was the initial release with limited functionality. In TPC Desktop 2017 R1, we are starting to flesh out its capabilities and we will continue adding more functions in future releases.

In TPC Desktop 2017, we added the ability to Convert to Survey directly from the CAD View. This saves you the step of needing to send the objects to the Drawing View before converting them. In addition, it gives you the ability to create individual traverses for each object. This is extremely handy when converting polylines of individual features.

We also gave you the ability to edit the properties of any entity in the CAD View. You can select an entity, right-click it and choose Properties to change the color, layer or other attributes of the object. The dialog box also lets you edit all of the DXF codes for the entities. Prior to this, you had to send the entities to the drawing to change them.

Also in TPC Desktop 2017 R1, we added the ability to isolate a layer, enhance the transfer of selected entities to the Drawing View and enhanced the documentation on what you can and cannot do with CAD layouts.

We would love to hear from you about what features you would like to see implemented in the CAD View next.

Mark Lull, Technical Support

Oliver Boschler, Software DevelopmentOliver Bochsler: Traverse Reports

Traverse Reports in TPC Desktop 2017 R1 have received some nice improvements. You can now Save and Save As just like the Report View. You generate a traverse report normally and from the Traverse Report View go to Tools and you’ll see the new Save and Save As options. In the older versions of Traverse PC you could print the traverse report out or append it to the Report View, but the traverse reports were temporary. If you closed the Traverse Report View then you would have lost your report.

In TPC 2017 Release 1 you can now save your traverse report and treat it like any other report. You can open it the Report View and begin to append other types of reports creating even better survey reports. This is a simple and effective addition to Traverse PC that we think you’ll enjoy.

Oliver Bochsler, Software Development

Eric Tanikawa, SalesEric Tanikawa: Agile Releases – A TPC Connection  Perk

One of the exclusive benefits of the TPC Connection membership is all of the agile releases. No one else receives these updates! Agile releases include new features, expanded help topics, sample files and more. We just released our first agile release of 2017, TPC Desktop 2017 R1, to our TPCC members on Monday.

As a member of the TPC Connection, you will also receive unlimited, priority technical support and on-line screen-sharing for training and support. We even include a free gift (cap, or t-shirt or travel mug or stocking cap)! It is a great value for the money!

  • TPC Connection member Metz Skelton of Kennett, MO told us that he really appreciates the software and support and that “I wish I had started with Traverse PC long ago.” Metz is 81 years young and has been using TPC since 2015.
  • Another TPC Connection member, Patrick McGannon LS, Lorain, OH, said, “Agile releases help make changes of what surveyors ask for, and with the super friendly service, Traverse PC is doing a lot of customer service in keeping you in the loop.
  • We were checking in with James Martin of Selmer, TN to make sure TPC was doing what he needed and he commented that he really appreciates our assistance and he will let us know if he needs anything.
  • Mike Dalbo of Poughkeepsie, NY hasn’t been using Traverse PC for very long. He said that he appreciated our call to see how he was doing and that it shows that “you are the good people I knew you were.

At Traverse PC, we listen, we implement, we innovate, we support, and we care about you and your survey work.

Eric Tanikawa, Sales