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TPC Desktop 2018 Release 1 is Now Available!


Streamline Your Workflows

We’re taking a fresh new approach to some of the things you do every day in order to streamline your workflows.

Our goal is your goal – take a project from beginning to end as efficiently as possible.

So whether you are writing legal descriptions, adding crows feet to a drawing, labeling curves and spirals or platting your next subdivision, TPC Desktop 2018 Release 1 will help you streamline your workflows because it works like you think.

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Technical Support Web Form – It’s FREE

Need help using TPC?  Use our on-line Technical Support web form. It’s always available and it’s FREE.

Just let us know who you are and how to contact you.  Then tell us how we can help and attach any related files. We’ll get right back to you with your answer and the steps to get it done.


You can access this form directly from the Help menu.


Are you still paying a draftsman?

Quick View™ (7:30)

Crows Feet Sneak Peek

You or someone in your office can do all your drafting with our Quick View™ technology.

TPC has used Quick View™ since its inception in 1987. Now, millions of drawings later, it still creates drawings that same way because it works.

The idea behind Quick View™ is simple – let the data do the drawings.

  • 100% data association – if the data changes… the drawing changes
  • most drawing objects (entities) are created for you. Then you modify them as needed
  • traverses create all lines, symbols and labels
  • symbols and labels are a fixed size – so changing the drawing scale doesn’t change their size
  • Smart Drawing Objects™ like legends and tables draw themselves
  • things like lot setbacks are automatic – you never draw them
  • layers are part of the drawing and aid in CAD compatibility, but you hardly think about them
  • innovative tools like Point Codes allows Quick View™ to do Field-To-Finish
  • when you do need them, TPC has all the common CAD commands like offsets, dimensions and fillets – but you’ll hardly ever use them

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What are folks saying about TPC?

Jim Rawls, Winnesboro, LA 

“Traverse PC is a great cogo and drafting software; developed with the land surveyor in mind. I would not want to go back to the ‘big boy’ cadd package I used for years. Updates and improvements are frequent. Customer support is second to none.”

Anthony Cavell, Baton Rouge, LA

“Traverse PC is perhaps the most innovative survey/analysis/drawing software by NOT trying to innovate (change) how surveys are done! It uses data in groups, made logically as a surveyor thinks, called ‘TRAVERSES’. It increases the surveyor’s confidence, drawing accuracy, and in the end, productivity.”

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A View From India

We would like to feature your story on our web site.  Big or small. Near or far. It doesn’t matter. If you used TPC, others want to know about it.

Send us

  • a short description of what you did and how you used Traverse PC
  • some pictures of you and/or the project (hi-res if possible)
  • one or more drawings for the project

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