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eNewsletter: October, 2014

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eNewsletter – October, 2014

President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2014 R2 on YouTube, Mark Lull: The TPC Forum, Oliver Bochsler: Traverse PC on Twitter, Eric Tanikawa: Traverse PC on Facebook and Social Media

John Balcom, MSE, PLS - PresidentPresident’s Message:
TPC Desktop 2014 R2 on YouTube

We just released TPC Desktop 2014 R2 for our TPC Connection members. It includes a number of specific things you’ve asked for. You can check out some of them at http://traverse-pc.com/traverse-pc-land-surveying-software-products/tpc-desktop-2014-r2/.

Traverse PC on YouTubeWe also put four new videos for this release on our YouTube channel – check them out on YouTube. One of the videos gives you a broad introduction to some of the new features.  The others dive into more detail on a specific feature of this release.

And while you’re out on our YouTube channel, click on the Playlists button. It breaks the videos down into categories that help you locate the specific videos you want to watch, and it groups related videos. So drop into the COGO in TPC playlist to learn about a specific COGO routine, but while you’re in there, check out the new video on the Summary Button or Using the What List.

As always, our goal is to make Traverse PC fun and easy to use. We hope you’ll find the YouTube videos helpful and informative and that you will enjoy using TPC Desktop 2014 R2.

John Balcom, MSE, PLS


Mark Lull - Traverse PC Technical SupportMark Lull:
The TPC Forum

Alas and alack* – the Traverse PC User Forum is no more. It died a silent death during the night and its passing went unnoticed by many. But we noticed. Glenn Eastman of Oregon Land Surveying spent a lot of time getting it up and running and maintained it for many years and it served many Traverse PC users well. Thanks for the hard work Glenn!

When the Traverse PC User Forum died, we started looking into what it would take to host it on our website.  It wasn’t too difficult and the TPC Forum is now up and running at http://traverse-pc.com/tpc-forum/ It is also linked on the Support page on our website.

TPC ForumThe new TPC Forum doesn’t have a lot of content yet (we haven’t been able to bring the content over from the old forum) but that will change rapidly as you join in and ask questions, make suggestions and share your experiences with other members of the Traverse PC community. We welcome all of you and encourage you to take an active part in the new TPC Forum.

*Alack is not actually a word but ‘Alas and Alack’ was the title of a beautiful 1915 silent movie with Lon Chaney in one of his earliest appearances as both the hunchback and the fisherman. It is a film about loss and what might have been and it includes the story of what makes the noise inside a seashell. A video of what may be close to the complete film is on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHMxsuHuPTI. I just thought you might like to know…


Oliver Bochsler - Software DeveloperOliver Bochsler:
Traverse PC on Twitter

Traverse PC on TwitterFor those of you who have a Twitter account, it would be great to start following us through our tweets so you’ll get our latest news. We’ll tweet about new releases, stellar update deals, new videos, and new too-good-to miss features. If you don’t have a Twitter profile and you’re a Traverse PC fan, now is the time to sign up with Twitter and follow us!

Once you have a Twitter account feel free to use some of our common hashtags in your own tweets. Throughout our tweets you’ll mostly see the use of the following hashtags: #traversepc, #geomatics, and #landsurveying. 

If you decide to tweet, don’t be shy, give a shout-out to Traverse PC by using the hashtag #traversepc or any other hashtag related to Traverse PC or land surveying. 

We’ll try to tweet a few times a week, but this may slow down or speed up depending on current update offers and new features we’re planning to release. 

Oliver Bochsler, Traverse PC Head Twit (or is it Tweeter? Tweetist?)

Eric Tanikawa - Business ManagerEric Tanikawa:
Traverse PC on Facebook and Social Media

Traverse PC on facebookDo you recognize the logo? That’s the logo for Facebook. Facebook is the largest social networking service in the world. 

This eNewsletter is all about Traverse PC in social media (I’m including the TPC Forum in social media because of the interaction between members) so I thought I would take a minute to remind you that Traverse PC is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TraversePC. We share photos and videos, have comments from some of our users and provide quick information about what’s going on at Traverse PC.

Do you recognize this? Facebook Like It’s the icon that shows up when you “Like” a post on Facebook. You can “Like” a post without commenting but your comments are always welcome. Did you know that whether Facebook delivers our posts to your newsfeed is dependent on how many “Likes” they get?

So share your comments, suggestions and questions on the TPC Forum! Find us on Facebook, “Like” us and “Like” our posts! Check out our videos on YouTube! Follow our tweets and tweet back at us! We are also on Google Plus so let’s get social! (How about a virtual barbecue?)

Traverse PC on facebook Traverse PC on Twitter Traverse PC on Google+ TPC Forum TPC Forum