eNewsletter – October, 2016

 John Balcom: Font Conversion, Mark Lull: Traverse Drawing Settings, Oliver Bochsler: TPC’s Hotlinks, Eric Tanikawa: Texas Visit and BBQ!

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISP

John Balcom: Font Conversion

We recently posted a hot fix to TPC Desktop 2016 R2 that had just one addition that a user needed to clean up a printer driver issue – Convert Fonts.

Once you have the latest update to TPC Desktop 2016 R2, in the Drawing View, choose Tools | Convert Fonts and TPC will display a dialog that:

  • Shows all the fonts used in the drawing and lets you select one in the From list
  • All the text objects that use that font get delineated in the drawing so you can see what you will be changing.
  • You can change the font used by all those items by selecting a different font in the To list.
  • There is also a toggle to include survey labels like line, lot, point and contour labels.

Convert Fonts

This ties in well with some of the features we are working on for our TPC Desktop 2017 release.

These font tools will be expanded so you can delineate all objects that use a font, select them, modify certain of their properties like text height and more. So go ahead and use a specific font for all your narratives. Then, down the road, if you find a font you like better, just convert everything drawn with your old narrative font to your new narrative font in one command. Or select all the narrative font text and move them to a Narrative layer. Or select all your narrative font text and make it italic so it looks more like a Leroy font.

You get the idea. And that’s the whole idea of our next release and drawings. You’ll find lots of ways to change many things with some new tools.

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISP

Mark Lull, Technical Support

Mark Lull: Traverse Drawing Settings

Traverse PC has used traverses to do COGO operations, get data into your files and to create drawings of the data since our very earliest versions.  Our use of traverses has continually proved to be a very effective way to use, organize and share your data.

One very important function of traverses is to graphically display your data in the Drawing View.  Traverses essentially replace traditional CAD’s layer philosophy.

Those of you who have used traditional CAD-based programs are familiar with the use of By Layer Settings.  Those settings in traditional CAD programs allow you to change line weights, colors and a few other settings in bulk for all of the objects on specific layers.  By Layer Settings have a very limited set of options.

Traverse PC uses Traverse Drawing Settings instead of CAD’s By Layer Settings.  Traverse Drawing Settings contain an extensive set of options to allow your traverses to do much more than By Layer Settings in traditional CAD-based software.

Traverse Drawing Settings

This extensive set of options for how our users display their traverse data makes the use of traverses for creating survey drawings extremely powerful and flexible.

We continue to expand and fine-tune our Traverse Drawing Settings to assist our users in automating their drawing processes.  Some recent examples of this are the addition of Location Labels and automatic lot Setbacks.  We are always looking for ways to improve this functionality and are currently looking at a few things to include during 2017.  Keep your eyes peeled for those enhancements.

If you aren’t sure that you are using these tools to your best advantage, give me a call so I can take a look and possibly make a few suggestions on how to improve your workflow.  After all, helping you work efficiently is a primary goal of Traverse PC.

Mark Lull, Technical Support

Oliver Boschler, Software Development

Oliver Bochsler: TPC’s Hotlinks

No, they aren’t a new barbecue recipe from Eric.

We have some fun stuff coming in 2017. We love to help our customers, and TPC is getting more muscle where it counts.

We’ve been working on how error and warning messages are presented to the user in dialog boxes and in the Message View. Some of our dialog boxes now have a Help button which can take you to a help topic describing the issue in more detail. (You can also always use the F1 key on your keyboard.) In addition to the help button we’ve added what we call Hotlinks to the Message View.

Message View Hotlinks

Hotlinks are very similar to internet hyperlinks (the blue-underlined text found on web pages and in this email). They allow the Message View to have clickable hyperlinks that can open help topics. When Traverse PC runs into an error or warning during an action, it can put a Hotlink into the message view, providing the error or warning number with a short description and a link to the help topic describing what happened and how you can mitigate the issue.

We’re excited to make your TPC experience better than ever with these new features (even if they aren’t barbecue recipes). We’ll keep you posted.

Oliver Bochsler, Software Development

Eric Tanikawa, Sales

Eric Tanikawa: Texas Visit and BBQ!

I attended the 65th Annual Texas Society of Professional Surveyors (TSPS) Convention & Tech Expo in San Marcos, Texas last week! This event served 600-700(ish) land surveyors, families, and exhibitors. I was greeted with great hospitality by TSPS Board Member Bill O’Hara and TSPS Communications/Marketing Coordinator Kristen Evon.

The convention started Wednesday with a day on the Golf Course and Thursday featured Texas State Senator Jose Menendez as the keynote speaker. TSPS also filled the conference with classes, dinners, awards, chapter meetings, board meetings, new officers and time to network with your colleagues. I want to thank Traverse PC users Bruce Harmon, Candice Coombs, Bill O’Hara, and Paul Maples who all helped me in the booth! We had numerous TPC users stop by to visit including George Amthor, Les Johnson, Ben Thomson, Juan Garcia and NSPS President Tony Cavell! You can check out the photo album on our Facebook page.

Candice, Eric, Bruce Candice Coombs, Eric Tanikawa, Bruce Harmon

Since I was in Texas, I had to eat BBQ! Friday evening, I went to the ‘Salt Lick’ in Driftwood, Texas. Lots of seating, benches, indoors & outdoors, music playing and a huge BBQ pit filled w/brisket, chops, and ribs (pork and beef). This was a sight for sore eyes! It was awesome, and I received burnt ends from the brisket! The next day I visited ‘Kent Blacks BBQ’, an 84 year family tradition! They had a great choice of sides (I had mac & cheese w/bacon) and very flavorful Brisket and ribs! There were many other BBQ places I wish I could have visited, but that will have to be on a different trip. I have heard that Kansas, Ohio, and Kentucky can compete (but Texans may disagree)!

I also want to thank the staff of TSPS; DJ Kyle, Kristen Evon, Brenda Null and all of the Board Members. Y’all provided a great conference! In Texas, either you go BIG or go home… These guys went BIG!! – or Ginormous.

Eric Tanikawa, Sales

Editor’s Note: Judging by all of the exclamation marks, I think Eric’s mind may have been more on the BBQ than on the convention.