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eNewsletter: September 2013

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President’s Message: How Does a 20% Increase in Productivity Sound? – Mark’s Tech Corner: The Windows XP Story – Eric Tanikawa: Why we Update…… Anything!

President’s Message:

How Does a 20% Increase in Productivity Sound?

We recently received this unsolicited endorsement from a TPC user who purchased TPC six months ago. “I’ve been doing a tremendous amount of production work using Traverse PC since we’ve last corresponded. For the past 20 years we’ve been using a combination of AutoCAD, MicroSurvey and Excel to put together the BLM platting and field note submittals, since purchasing TPC we’ve been able to eliminate MicroSurvey and speed up our work by about 20%.” When we asked if we could use his quote, he responded: “Well, I’d like to give you guys a kudo on this, TPC deserves praise for diving into geodetics and PLSS comps, and in the process has helped us out quite a bit.  On the other hand, we’ve worked with MicroSurvey since day one. They have been really supportive all those years, so I’m reluctant to rock their boat…they have a great product, but unfortunately for us never really got into geodetics in a useful way…” We understand product loyalty and we are not picking on MicroSurvey. It’s hard to get something like geodetics right. That’s why hundreds of you have asked for an alternative to CMM. And that’s why Carlson is just now announcing geodetics in their ads which puts them years behind the curve. Like I said, it’s hard to get it right. Here at Traverse PC, we’re proud of the way we’ve made geodetics easy to use. Whether you’re working in the Public Lands Survey System or just trying to reconcile a GPS position to a ground survey. And speeding up your work by 20 percent? Well, we’re proud of that too. John Balcom, MSE, PLS

Mark’s Tech Corner:

The Windows XP Story

We are coming up on the 12 year anniversary of Windows XP (released 10/25/2001). It was a big hit and one of the better operating systems Microsoft produced. Even though it’s been discontinued for over 5 years now (sales ended 6/30/2008), we still talk to surveyors who are holding on to it as long as they can. “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” gets mentioned a lot. TPC Desktop 2013 still supports Windows XP but will probably be the last TPC version to do so. Starting with TPC Desktop 2013, we’ve expanded our automated testing so we can deliver increasingly more stable code with each release. That’s great, but none of those tests run on XP. There are other issues just like this one, but you get the point. For Windows XP, the time has come. I bring up the Windows XP story to remind you that old versions of software, even TPC, become obsolete. Eventually, they can’t be supported and need to be replaced. We understand how this affects your software budget, so we spell out our update policy and costsvery clearly on-line and always provide a reasonable update path for your older version of TPC. With the release of TPC Desktop 2013 this year and TPC Desktop 2014 next year, some of you will be receiving reminders as we drop support for your older versions of TPC Desktop. When you do, remember the Windows XP story – the time has come.

Eric Tanikawa:

Why we Update…… Anything!

Okay, first of all, I admit that I am ‘sometimes’ a dinosaur in being behind the times. My 10 year old wonders why I still have a ‘dumb phone’ – text & calls only, not a smartphone. Then, my 8 year old asked me about barbecuing using charcoal rather than the propane grill. I guess to my ignorance; if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! Then my wife lost her research paper in Windows XP. It was a quick decision to make her happy – we bought a Windows 7 computer. Plus it has the disk space to store all those digital photos! Now I get it! Efficiency, time and technology! Remember using an oven, and now we have the microwave, and presently we now have hybrid vehicles, phone with cameras at 25+ megapixels, the old CRT is now a flat screen (TV or Computer), and finally DOS operating system to Windows! As you all know, GPS and GIS is an added part to surveying. Traverse PC 2013 is fully powered in Windows Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems! Now is the time to update your Traverse PC! However, I will still BBQ using charcoal. Well, I am a relic, because I would surrender to the smoke filled air of BBQ aroma incense of chicken, burgers and RIBS!