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eNewsletter: September, 2014

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eNewsletter – September, 2014

President’s Message: What Can You Do with $999? –  Eric Tanikawa: Coming Soon – eCommerce! –  Mark’s Tech Corner: Using Variables to Automate More of Your Drawings –  Oliver Bochsler: Traverse PC PDF Driver.

John Balcom, MSE, PLS - President

President’s Message:

What Can You Do with $999?

A magazine I subscribe to recently featured an article, “What can you do with $1,000?” Several gurus weighed in on investment options and the returns that $1,000 would produce over time. It was a refreshing read. I have friends who pay $1,000 a month and more for health insurance.  So to think about getting a return on $1,000 is a nice change.

We have a $999 Bundle offer this month on our web site. You get the Premium Edition of TPC Desktop bundled with a whole year of the TPC Connection for $999. In light of the article I had just read, I’m thinking, “What can you do with $999?”  You can get TPC Desktop 2014 and get a return on your investment. What a nice change.

Every day, we talk with surveyors who switch to TPC Desktop from whatever CAD based software they were using.  The story is always the same. In the first few hours or days, they get their first map out the door. They invest a few more hours watching our on-line videos or reading through our Learning Guides and the light bulb comes on as they figure out how TPC works.  They start using the tools in TPC to make smart decisions about their surveys. They produce their deliverables in record time and never look back.  Not a bad return on a small investment.

So, what can you do with $999?  You can get the Premium Bundle, get productive with TPC Desktop and never look back. What a nice change!

John Balcom, MSE, PLS


Eric Tanikawa - Business Manager

Eric Tanikawa: 

Coming Soon – eCommerce

We launched our new website earlier this year in April!  It was like putting on a new pair of shoes. It looks good, feels good, and navigates quite easily!  Our next feature for our website is electronic commerce, aka “eCommerce.”   By definition, it is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet.

Soon, you will be able to renew your TPC Connection, purchase your update, even buy that additional license. Like our TPC Store? Maybe you should get yourself that cool cap, mug or T-shirt! (Sorry, no new shoes – yet).


Mark Lull - Technical Support

Mark’s Tech Corner:

Using Variables to Automate More of Your Drawing

TPC Desktop 2014 includes a feature that many of you have asked for over the years.  It is the ability to use Variables within a block of text along with other text.  This allows you to create your drawing templates with complex blocks of text that automatically update with each job!

Prior to TPC Desktop 2014, we were restricted to having either a variable in a text object or other text, but not both.  That meant you had to create several text items and then align and space them properly before grouping them to simulate a single text object.  That was a lot of work and required frequent tweaking to get it to look right.

So how does it work?  (If you look up the Help topic Using Variables, you will find a full list of variables that are currently available – and the list keeps growing.)

Let’s say you want to include a block of text that includes your survey name, the location, your name, company name, license number and the client’s name and address.  Here’s how to do it.

Create a new text object in Paper Space and then open its Properties to edit it.  You can then either insert the variables you want using the Variables pulldown list or you can type them manually.  Here is what the text in the Properties window would look like:
Located At: $$LOCATION

Surveyed By: $$SURVEYOR, License Number $$LICENSE


Wherever you see the $$ – that is a variable.  The string above might produce a block of text like this:
Survey: 14-123
Located At: Lot 14, Block 2, Willow Dunes Subdivision

Surveyed By: John Balcom, MSE, LS, License Number: 44138OR
Traverse PC, PO Box 105, Florence, OR  97439

For: Joe Client, 123 Main Street, Florence, OR  97439

Now if you save something like this on your drawing templates, a lot of the busy work of entering this information can be handled by TPC and your survey information.

Our main goal with Traverse PC is to automate as much as possible of the work you do every day so that you can focus on solving the problems and conundrums that every job presents.  If you ever think to yourself that “There has to be a better way!”  There probably is.  Let us know what you’re trying to do and give us a chance to show you an easier way to do it.  Let us help you take the busy-work out of getting your work out the door.


Oliver BochslerOliver Bochsler:

Traverse PC PDF Driver

There are a few reasons why installing the Traverse PC PDF driver is a good idea. The Traverse PC PDF driver fits right into Traverse PC, allowing you to print your drawings, reports, the Message View and etc, straight to a PDF file instead of directly to a printer. In addition to the handy print preview feature in Traverse PC, the PDF file lets you see what your drawing or report will look like before it’s printed, saving you paper and time.

A huge reason to use the Traverse PC PDF driver for those of you who do not own a large format printer is that TPC relies on your printer drivers for acceptable page sizes.  If you don’t have a driver installed that supports the page size you want, you won’t be able to do it.  The Traverse PC PDF driver supports all of the normal page sizes you expect, plus, you can create any custom sizes you may need.  Then “print” the drawing to PDF and take the PDF file to your printing service to print for you.

The Traverse PC PDF driver has a ‘Preferences’ application. You can find its shortcut located under the Window Start Menu entry ‘Traverse PC’. This simple application gives you some options related to how Traverse PC deals with PDFs you save. You’re allowed to change the default location where Traverse PC will save the PDFs it writes, you can also have it display the PDF after saving it, and even email the PDF after it’s saved too.

Anything that can be printed to a printer in Traverse PC can be printed to a PDF file. There is more information on PDF usage in the Traverse PC Help topics. The help topics are accessible from any version of Traverse PC by pressing F1 from anywhere in the program. Simply press F1 and go to the search tab in the Help Topics window and type in PDF to get information on TPC PDFs.

*Tip: You can search for anything related to Traverse PC from the Search tab in the Help Topics window and you can get help with anything you are looking at in the program by pressing F1.

You can download and install the Traverse PC PDF driver from the version support page for your program.  To access it, start TPC and click on TPC Desktop xxxx Home in the TPC On Line section of the Tasks Manager.

Back issues of Traverse PC’s eNewsletters are available on our website.